GALAPAGOS: The Enchanted Islands – A webinar by Kevin Loughlin

WHEN: August 18, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

This will be a private webinar for our club members and for whomever you wish to share the registration link:

Kevin Loughlin, owner of Wildside Nature Tours, has led 39 tours to the Galapagos Islands as of 2019. This destination is truly one of his favorite places in the world and going back time and again only reinforces that love and desire to return.

As Kevin shares some of his many images made during his many trips to the Galapagos, Kevin will discuss the many aspects of Galapagos history, geology and, of course, the amazing wildlife to be seen and enjoyed!

Kevin's most recent projects include working with author John Kricher to completely rewrite John's book, "Galapagos a Natural History," published by Smithsonian in 2000 and reprinted a few years later by Princeton Press. With Princeton Press, Kevin and John will be updating the text as well as recreating the book in full-color using Kevin's images.

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The Power of Contrast: - Webinar July 28, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

Presented by Lisa Langell

The link below is where you can register for the free webinar, sponsored by Lancaster Photography Association. Please share this link with your friends:

Why is contrast so critically important -- HOW and WHERE you use it makes all the difference!

  • Did you know you can actually control your audience to follow a path in your images in a certain order and sequence?
  • Are you aware that carefully placed contrast plays a critically important role in whether your images are experienced in a pleasing way, or with strain?
  • Have you mastered the secret of making an image come to life and “pop?”
  • Need ideas to improve the “resting place” for your viewer’s eye as they navigate your image?

These critical components of powerful images can all be significantly enhanced by the proper use of contrast. There are special techniques that can be accomplished in-the-field as well as during post-processing that will amaze you.

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LPA Workshop - Tuesday 06/23/2020

ZOOM Workshop with Lewis Kemper

  • 6:00 p.m  - Lewis Kemper will be doing a Zoom webinar for us about "Light, Color and Composition - Tips to improve your photography." It should be a great presentation! 
  • Download the Zoom app to your computer, Ipad or phone and join us for a great workshop.
  • Make sure to disable your video and audio. You will be able to ask questions on the Chat option.
  •  Zoom Info: Topic: LPA Workshop with Lewis Kemper
    Time: Jun 23, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting - click here

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Creating a Photographic Portfolio – February 25, 2020

On February 25 th , 2020, LPA will have a workshop on creating a photographic portfolio. Joanne Stolte will be presenting. The meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. at the Antelope Valley Senior Center.

Developing a sequence of related images, a photographic portfolio, allows a photographer to explore a subject or concept in greater depth and with more subtlety than the single, high initial-impact image which does well in photography club competitions and International Exhibitions.

The PSA Portfolio Distinction program encourages photographers to produce a body of work that reflects their personal style and photography interest. The process of developing a Portfolio provides a situation where the photographer learns to "see," "analyze," "blend," and "utilize" their photography in a fresh, original way. As a photographer progresses through the Portfolio Distinction levels they are challenged to demonstrate increasing competence, originality, and innovative skills.

Joanne Stolte, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP, ESFIAP, has been on the PSA Portfolio Committee since the inception of the PSA Portfolio Program in 2015. She took the PSA Portfolio Assessors Training Course and was responsible for setting-up the facility and making all the arrangements for the first PSA Portfolio Assessment. She produced an educational Program regarding Portfolios which she presented at the PSA Conference in 2016 and 2017. She has continued to refine and adapt this program as she has presented it to area clubs and at FotoClave in northern California last October.

Entering S4C Workshop - Jan 28, 2020


On January 28, 2020, LPA will be having a workshop on how to enter the S4C Competitions that occur each month from October through April. It is a great way to venture further afield than our local club competitions, and try competing against some other Southern California photographers. There is also a banquet at the end of the year where many awards are handed out. It is a great time to get meet other
Southern California photo enthusiasts. Several of our members have asked for some clarification on how the entry process works and more details on the various Divisions and Sections you can enter.

Nan Carder has agreed to share her knowledge of the entry process, and she should be able to answer any questions you may have regarding S4C. Four of our LPA Members hold positions at S4C, including David Wilkins as Vice President, Chris Wilkins as Secretary and Club Representatives Coordinator, Terri Garner as Treasurer, and Nan Carder as Nature Chairperson.

S4C stands for Southern California Council of Camera Clubs. There are 20 different camera clubs that are part of S4C, and it is a member of Photographic Society of America (PSA). These competitions include photos from each club’s members.

S4C also hosts two International exhibitions each year. the S4C International Exhibition and the Coachella International Exhibition (which is open for entries currently).

The S4C website is:

To enter the Coachella International Exhibition, check out this website:

Photo Sharing Night - October 22, 2019


On October 22, 2019, our workshop will be a photo sharing night at 6:00. All members are encouraged to bring a USB drive with up to 10 images to share. It can be a project you are working on, a trip you took, a specific theme, or just 10 of your favorite images you want to share with us.

This gives us a chance to get to know each other and our photography a bit better. It is great to see what everyone has been doing with their photography. You may just show your images, talk about them, or ask for critique if you so wish.

So don't forget! Come and bring a USB drive with your images. We will have refreshments!

Introduction To Photography Workshop - 09/24/2019


On September 24, 2019, LPA will be presenting a workshop on beginning photography at 6:00 at Antelope Valley Senior Center. We will have several members give short presentations about a basic photography kit, photography fundamentals, and basic composition skills along with other information new photographers should know.

We encourage any photographers who did well at the fair, but are not members of our club, to come and check us out! Our goal as a club is to take each member where they are and help them grow to become a better photographer. We have many opportunities to do that with our informative meetings, field trips, and competitions. Come and check us out!

Photoshop Workflow - Editing Tips August 27 2019


On August 27 th , 2019, LPA President Kathy Newman will be conducting a workshop on Photoshop workflow. There were many requests for some basic Photoshop tips, so she will be going through beginning to end editing of photos, using Adobe Camera RAW, Adjustment Layers, Masking, basic selection, and Sharpening. This workshop will be geared towards newer users of Photoshop, but will include good refreshers for more experienced users. You are more than welcome to bring your laptops and follow along, but it is not necessary.

Kathy Newman is beginning her third year as LPA’s president. She has won several local, national and international awards for her fine art photography and Photoshop composites. She won PSA Creative Interclub’s Best of Best in 2015, PSA Council Challenge Individual First Place in 2018, as well as several Best of Division awards and a Sweepstakes award at the Antelope Valley Fair. She began learning Photoshop in 2013 and enjoys sharing what she has learned with others.

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