Oak Color Workshop - July 26, 2011


This month's workshop was presented by Oak Color, a local business and professional digital lab that specializes in printing and mounting. They are located at 42207 6th St W, #104, Lancaster. There phone number is (661) 949-3347 or online at www.oakcolor.com. Their pricing on the web site is very out of date, but they did bring a printed version to hand out to everyone. Phil and Charlie came to talk about their processes and front end software. They calibrate their printers each day, which most other companies may do weekly. They allow you to download Express Digital the Photographer and Studio, a front end to set up your printing needs. The software gives you complete control over all aspects of the print, like cropping, color changes, and effects like vignetting and allows it to be submitted to the lab.

Both Phil and Charlie answered lots of questions, on subjects of paper textures, gammas and color ranges, to pricing. They are aware of the printing needs for submission of prints to the AV Fair, and can assist in getting great looking prints.

On The Road Again with Tamron


Presented by Andre Costantini

Tamron is one of the largest lens manufacturers.  They brand their own lenses as well as many other companies. We were blessed to have Andre Costantini, a professional photographer who works with Tamron. He travelled to from New York to visit the LPA, along with Greg Becker (gbecker@aol.com), who is the Tamron sales representative for the Southern California and Las Vegas area.

The workshop presented on May 25 at 6:00 pm was before 35-40 LPA folks and ran about 1-1/2 hours long.  Andre demonstrated both the technical and artistic uses of lenses and other photography principles.  A demo table was set up, with lenses available to try out and ask questions. 

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April Workshop: Smartphone Cameras, Calibration and Printing at Costco


Presented by Douglas Wade

The workshop conducted on Tuesday, April 26, was three mini workshops in one and attended by 25 LPA Members.  It started with a demo of camera and apps for the iPhone and Droid phones. Then the last third was on calibration of your monitor, and use of profiles when printing to Costco’s digital printers. The goal was to make better prints.

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March Workshop: Photo Editing Software


LPA Workshop - Image Processing Software - March 22, 2011

Douglas Wade, our Workshop Chairman had a great idea!  He set up a Q&A session with a leader/instructor in each corner, covering Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, GIMP, and and even a S4C/PSA station set up to help members register for UEN’s to participate in S4C and information on the benefits of joining PSA.

Before starting the workshop, Douglas talked about the most popular image processing software packages available, ranging from GIMP (free), to Adobe Elements (less than $100), to Adobe Lightroom ($299) to Adobe Photoshop ($700).

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February Portrait Workshop


On February 22, 2011 more than 45 LPA members brought their cameras, lenses, and tripods to the Lancaster Senior Center for a hands on portrait workshop led by four of our compatriots: Douglas Wade, Glenn Olson, Kurtiss Humphrey, and Bonnie Matthews.  Each set up a portrait studio for the workshop.

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Award Winning Portraits with Computer Magic


Susan Cowles Portrait Workshop
January  25, 2011

Susan shared her program, “Award Winning Portraits with Computer Magic” with us. She has won numerous photography awards and this last year won the PSA (Photographic Society of America) 1st in the World for Small Color Prints, with her portraitures. She photographs models with a goal of creating great art. She has a style that presents perfection.

She begins with doing the model's makeup and hair and posses them with props, like hats and scarves. She works with .jpg files, and shared her workflow, step by step, correcting the image. After cropping, removing flaws on the skin and clothing, and removing the small light reflections in the corners of the eyes (not the catch light), she uses a plug-in called Portraiture Imagenomics. The plug-in creates a very sophisticated mask and makes the skin look youthful and near perfect. There are many presets in the plug-in that can be used for additional styles like "glamour".

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Workshop: Creative Photography


November 16, 2010 - Led by Nan Carder and Helen Henry

The November workshop was presented by two our own members, Nan Carder and Helen Henry on "creative" images. Both have won big in this event class for PSA and S4C. The class, "Creative" was demonstrated starting with some images that may not be exciting (we all have those) and showed each step of the process using Photoshop or Elements; adding a mix of ingredents to make the image, "pop". The demonstration showed the use of multiple images merged into a single image. Photoshop has lots of tools and filters to enhance the image quality. Additional plugins can be purchased to add even more excitement. The ladies demo images from start to finish by turning off the display of each layer in Photoshop and one at a time showed each layer as documented step. As they clicked on show layer checkbox, you could experience the changes for example, color alternation, to filters that morphed textures to using, to tools like liquidy or twirl. Finally, adding borders to the finish image.

 The Creative Workshop Power Point presentation (CD)  and handout will be available for purchase at the Nov/Dec meetings at a cost of $5.  See how our member’s 18 pictures progressed from start to finish and learn new techniques.  Our 2009-2010 PSA Creative Interclub entry, won us 1st place!

Photos by Sue Liberto

October Workshop: Adobe LightRoom 3


October 26th, 2010 - Presented by Helen Henry

Thanks to all of you for coming! It was a great turnout with many new faces. The survey card comments were mostly "excellent". So, you all must have enjoyed and got something out of it. We saw some great workflow time savers in Julieanne Kost’s video tutorials. How about that spot removal sync feature? I definitely need to master the use of that tool. The ways you can sort through your images are many and very easy to implement. With stars, key words, date, folders, smart folders, color highlights and many others you are able to organize all your photos and find them quickly and easily. I hate it when I have to spend an hour or so hunting for a particular picture; I know around what date I shot it but where did it go........... Now I can find it in a very short time.

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