AV Fair Sign-Up 2019


The AV Fair Photography Exhibit always shines, thank you for all the help from our volunteers! Volunteer hours for the 2018 exhibit was well over 1800 hours!!  We need and welcome all kinds of help, from decoration days to hanging days, to judging weekend, and for print pick up day. All of these volunteer jobs are very important, but due to state and local laws and rules, the role Clerk positions needs special instructions. Such as: 

  • Clerks are to verify every entry is accounted for and that they are all displayed in their correct division and class.
  • Every entry corresponds with the computer judges sheets. Any class changes must be approved and documented by the clerks.
  • All winning entries have to be documented and verified.
  • Detail oriented skills are needed… record keeping for hard copy and IPAD as well
  • Clerks will need to be available on August 10th and 11th.
  • Twelve Clerks, plus four backups, are needed.
  • Clerks need to attend Mandatory Clerk Training on Tuesday, July 30th.
  • It’s very educational and quite rewarding.  Most all of the same volunteers keep on volunteering year after year, but we welcome new volunteers.   

If you are interested in helping out in any area, enter your name in the space below, what day and shift you would like and hit submit. Please review the list below to ensure your requested date is available.


You may wish to email your dates and times to avfair@lpaphotography.org


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