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    04/12/11 April Short Shoot Flower Tips

Ted Ayers
    01/01/09 Equipment - The Other View
    01/01/09 Wildflowers

April Bielefeldt
    09/04/09 Fall Photography in New England

Sue Craft
    03/04/17 Sue's notes from Wildflower workshop - 2/28/2017
    03/02/12 Tips on Photographing Barrel Racing & Pole Bending
    08/04/11 Motocross Photography Tip Sheet for AV Motoplex
    12/03/10 Tips for Photographing Holiday Lights

Lee Garner
    01/09/11 Resizing Images for Competition

Ron Hart
    01/16/09 Red Eye

Helen Henry
    08/23/11 Tips for Santa Anita
    05/01/11 Adding a Copyright Notice to Images

Bonnie J Matthews-Franke
    03/06/12 Workflow for Shooting With Strobes
    03/06/12 Smooth Skin Tutorial
    03/06/12 Image Improvement Workflow
    03/06/12 Corrective Lighting Techniques for Portraits
    03/06/12 Control the Light

Rock Myers
    10/19/13 Action Sequence Photography

Glenn Olson
    08/18/12 Future of Photography, Additional Notes
    03/03/12 Chromakey or Green Screen Photography, an Introduction
    10/11/09 What I Learned While Making My First Picture Frame

John Shedrick
    05/05/10 How to Mount Your Pictures
    09/16/09 My Trip to Thailand

Lori Stoll
    05/16/02 My Feeling About Photography

Lyle Trusty
    05/16/09 Tips on Taking Good Photos
    05/16/09 100th anniversary of Ansel Adams
    05/16/09 Exotic Feline Breeding Compound
    05/16/09 It Will Never Be The Same Again
    05/16/09 Thoughts on the Change From Film to Digital Photography
    05/16/09 Digital Printing
    05/16/09 What Film Should I Take?
    05/16/09 What's the big attraction about digital Photography?
    05/16/09 A little about camera exposure
    05/16/09 If not now, when?
    05/16/09 Sunset/Sunrise Workshop Exercise
    05/16/09 What is there that separates the good photographer from the rest of...
    05/16/09 I'll never do that again!
    05/16/09 More thoughts on Photography
    05/16/09 The Art of seeing
    05/16/09 The concept of portraiture
    05/16/09 Digital Storage in the Field
    05/16/09 Some of My Thoughts
    05/16/09 Capturing the Essence of a Place
    05/16/09 About Camera Modes
    02/16/09 Digital
    01/16/09 Fall Color
    01/16/09 End of Year Thoughts

Douglas Paul Wade
    10/12/11 Review of “Easy Release” for the iPhone and iPad

P. Dale Ware
    05/16/09 Ghost Camps of the Argus Range
    05/16/09 Shooting the Balloon Sky Parade
    05/16/09 Lee Bergthold Lecture/Slide Presentation
    05/16/09 Bus Tour Provides Ample Photo Ops
    05/16/09 Red Rock Canyon – Great Photo Op near Las Vegas
    08/16/03 British Columbia and Alberta by Bus
    07/16/03 Selecting the Best Photo Vacation Trip

Dean Webb
    01/01/09 The Great Transition

David Wilkins
    01/25/14 A Visit to the California Living Museum
    09/13/12 Tips for Making a Star Trail Shot
    06/22/12 San Juan Batista and Fremont Peak
    08/25/11 Monochrome Methods
    06/23/11 Mystical Rocks at Racetrack Valley
    05/27/11 Amgen Tour of California 2011

Stokely Wilson
    11/16/09 Stokely's Tips for Better Pictures (Nov)
    10/16/09 Stokely's Tips for Better Pictures (Oct)
    09/16/09 Stokely's Tips for Better Pictures (Sept)
    07/16/09 Stokely's Tips for Better Pictures (July)
    03/16/09 Stokely's Tips for Better Pictures (March)
    02/16/09 Stokley's February Photo Tip
    01/16/09 Stokley's January Photo Tip

James H. Wise
    08/18/12 Install Topaz in Photoshop Elements 10

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