Basic Photoraphy Workshop, Nov. 22, 2005


Twenty-one members showed up for this month’s workshop, which was conducted by Don Bennett.

Since we wanted to do a workshop in basic photography, Don decided that rather than trying to cover everything about cameras in just one evening, he would cover only the most important area, and cover it thoroughly.

Don covered the three things that control exposure: ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.

He explained how they relate to each other and how simple it is to manipulate these settings to achieve effects such as a deliberately blurred background for portraits, etc.

Also, how shutter speed can be controlled to stop the action for sports, or to slow the speed when photographing a waterfall to obtain a milky smooth appearance in the water.


 He demonstrated examples of the effects of different aperture settings

Thanks to Don, at least a few of our members are now on their way from being “Point and Shooters” to being more creative photographers.

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