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February 7, 2006

We didn’t have as many people as we had hoped for go on this trip. This was most likely caused by the trip date. Tuesday is just a bad day to expect a large attendance, but as expected and planed, there were no crowds anywhere to be found, hotels were cheap and lines were short. Driving up was a breeze.

Our members who managed to make this trip came back with some fantastic shots.

Vegas has something for everyone. From people pictures and actors, night photography, stills and displays, models, architectural buildings, animals, performers, and just plain general photography, it was all there to be had with the push of a button.


Six members attended this trip and all gained some valuable lessons. There were lots of pictures taken, some good and some down right terrible. But hey, that’s why we do these trips. It’s the experience of photography that makes us good, not sitting at home reading a book or watching TV with your camera gathering dust in some dark corner of a closet.

Trips like this are a great time to ask the experts about what's going with your pictures rather than trying to figure it out on your own. That's what our club is all about.




Night photography is especially hard to get a handle on sometimes and a lot of locations provided extremely difficult. 


The bright lights tend to fool the meter and you have to realize what’s going on and compensate.


Sometimes it can be a difference of 5 stops from what the meter tells you. It all depends on your subject. This is very similar to shooting pictures in the snow. This is no place for auto mode.




Vegas is a great trip for photography. Just keep an eye on your histogram and meter and understand what it’s telling you if you’re shooting the night lights. 


To sum all this up, if you get a chance to go to Vegas, don’t forget your camera. It will keep you away from the craps table and just might change your whole outlook on this great photographic location.





Photos by Arley Clark

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