General Meeting, February 21, 2006


We had a good turnout for this month’s meeting, with 40 people present, including 5 guests, 3 of which became new members.

There were a few items of interest announced tonight:

Our club has just purchased a new digital projector, which should greatly enhance our digital presentations.  We’re anxious to see it in use.

Next Tuesday will be the first session of our Basic Digital Workshop.  This is intended to make everyone comfortable with digital photography.  It will also be our first opportunity to use our new projector.

John talked about our new website sponsor, Shopzilla, who contributed $800 to our club just to have their link on our homepage.  Everyone is encouraged to check them out, as they’re quite useful in finding the best price on the web.

Dave Anderson had a great list of upcoming field trips to announce with trips planned all the way to July.  Our next trip will take place on March 4 and will be to Randsburg, (A Living Ghost Town).  This will be an ideal place to concentrate on pictures of Wood for our upcoming competition.

Other trips announced are in April – Wildflowers, in May – Santa Barbara/Solvang, in June – the Ghost town of Bodie, in July – Venice Beach..

Kay talked about next month’s competition, with the theme being Wood.  She said the rules will be strictly enforced this time, so everyone should read the Competition Rules before preparing their entries.  Also, we will have a professional judge coming from the L.A. area.

Arley, who is now the President of Allied Arts, talked about the Roaring 20’s party scheduled for March 11.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Pat Ware had tickets for sale.

The Poppy Festival this year will be on April 22-23.  Lyle Trusty is this year’s chairperson and will be announcing the criteria for displaying prints shortly.

Volunteers were solicited for the Nominating Committee who will be appointed next month to seek nominees to run for our four offices.

Just before break, Arley presented a short digital slide show of pictures taken on our Las Vegas field trip.

This month’s program was presented by Tylene Trout.  Tylene had a wonderful collection of pictures from her recent trip to the Rocky Mountains, visiting Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and Canyonlands.  She had lots of good pointers for anyone interested in traveling to this area and she shared some of her techniques in how she obtained some of her results.  She even had handouts explaining how to obtain “Star” effects without the use of special filters.


Our 50/50 winner this month was Mary Capasso who took home $39.

Those yummy refreshments were brought in by Stan and Janine Roy.

 April 22nd, 1986 newsletter
(courtesy of Bob Lion)

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