Night Photography Workshop- Oct 24, 2006


Since joining LPA last year, Fred has become active in club functions, often volunteering to help or chair Workshops and Field Trips, and now he's the Field Trip Chairman.

His talent for photography became evident as soon as he began entering  club competitions. He's a credit to our organization, and his Night Photography program Tuesday evening, attended by a large number of members (almost 50!) and prospective members, attests to his talents.

The forest of cameras on tripods, volunteers blowing bubbles, shining flashlights, pouring water, bouncing balls, learning about "Rear curtain flash", Ghost pictures, and models posing for candle light portraits was a delightful experience. Thank you Fred for a thoroughly enjoyable and educational evening.

Lyle Trusty


Fred did a great job in stimulating creativity in areas of night photography.  A few of us had a lot of fun with two models and making creative candle light portraits. 

After picking a nice pose and eliminating background distractions, we experimented with direct and diffused candle light and also used a penlight projecting through Amber Vision sunglasses to increase the warm lighting affect.

We also used a mirror tile as a reflector fill light.  After the workgroups were done, it was nice to see what images everyone came up.  Sharing information is one of the reasons LPA was founded, plus it is fun to take pictures.

Bob Lion


This was Fred’s first workshop presentation and he did an excellent job. The most important aspect of his talk was that he inspired the audience to try out different creative night photography techniques.

I used my Nikon SB-800 flash unit to photograph a bouncing ball using multiple flashes. I had never tried this before (and may not again) but I did learn something and that is what our workshops are all about!

Dennis Goodno


Great workshop Fred, it gave everyone the opportunity to learn or try something new.  Your enthusiasm is refreshing.  Keep up the good work, you are appreciated!

Clen & Kay Hendrickson


Fred, Thank you for inspiring us to venture into the unknown... night photography!  I love your approach... just try it!

Sue Craft


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