Marina Del Rey Boat Parade Field Trip

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Saturday the 9th after a full day of S4C competition in Rosemead (8am-3:30pm), I left for Marina Del Rey, across the LA basin on highway 10, arriving early about 4:30 pm. The parking was plenty, and I drove right to the waterfront.

The sky was threatening with dark clouds broken up with blue peaking through them and the temp was very fair. There were very few people on the boardwalk where I wanted to shoot from. Being so early I walked up along the charter boat docks where several harbor cruise-type boats were preparing for the night cruise with formal dinners and black-tie corporate Christmas parties were preparing to load up for the night of x-mas light and festivities.

The sunset was GREAT! Then some boats started their parade route, which circled the major harbor, taking about 1 hour to do a lap. About 6pm the fireworks went off and the official parade began.  About 50 boats were decorated and the crowds never showed up.

I kept looking for other LPA members, but never found any. I took several pics and was able to try some new techniques we have recently learned in the workshops like panning, zooming with time exposures, stop motion, and pushing the ISO.  After a night of shooting, on the way home the skies opened up, after waiting for the event to finish. WHAT TIMING!

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