Chinese New Year & Car Festival, Feb. 24, 2007

Field Trips

Fred Griggs, our Field Trip Chairperson, organized a wonderful trip via the Metrolink, to Union Station.  A few members of the group met for breakfast in Lancaster, and boarded the train, while other’s hopped on in Palmdale, and one more in Acton.  

What an EASY way to get to downtown LA!! The ride was quite enjoyable, and you get a completely different view, vs driving down the freeway.  Plus…. everyone got to ride together, and talk photography the whole way down.

We arrived via the Metrolink, at Union Station, took photos of some of the the unique architecture, and then ventured towards Olvera Street.  It was a gorgeous day!  Super clear… so clear you could even see the freshly fallen snow on the peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains.  Everyone was quick to share “great photo ops”.




Fred Griggs, Vic Pesce, Anita Kratofil, Tylene Trout, Dave Anderson, Sue Craft, Paul Craft,
John Shedrick and Irv Bjorge.  Not pictured, Dennis Goodno the photographer.



With map in hand, Fred guided us to the line up portion of the parade.  The nice thing about being on the front end, was… no crowds, and the parade participants were ever so excited, and willing to have their pictures taken.








We then ventured towards Chinatown, (all on foot) and found ourselves our favorite spots along the parade route to photograph the brightly decorated Dragons, the dancers with their twirling scarves, the musicians, and lots of Chinese New Year Pigs.  Lots of color!!! 


Over 150,000 people were expected at the parade.  Since we were on foot, and traveling lightly, we got around quite easily.  Some of the group found an opportunity to sample Chinese food, others sampled Mexican, and some did both!



Everyone had a great time!  Thank you Fred, for putting together another fun trip!!!


Article Sue Craft
Photos courtesy Dennis Goodno

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