General Meeting (Swap Meet) July 17, 2007


The Last time we did this was way back in  2002. Then, digital photography was in its infancy and most members were still shooting film. What a deference a few years make. Plenty of the older technology cameras were available waiting for someone to purchase for practically nothing. Sellers hoping someone would take a piece of equipment home before it ended up in the trash. It was like someone loosing a pet. You didn’t want to get rid of it but you knew it had to be done.




It’s amazing to me that top of the line equipment of yesterday that sold for hundreds of dollars is little wanted now a’days.

Old FD lens with manual focus have little value today if they are not outfitted for  the new top of the line digital cameras. Cheep quality lenses that fit today’s digital cameras sold for way more then older high quality film camera lenses.

Even digital cameras that originally sold for $2300 were going for as little as  $200 - $300. Amazing!





Anyway, everyone had a great tine discussing equipment and bargaining away their used stuff. There were a lot of great deals to be had if you knew what you were buying.

Once we finished up with the swap meet, everyone sat down and enjoyed an instructional video on framing.

We also welcomed 4 new members tonight. That brings our total membership up to about 130 voting members.





As a side note to our members:

We have lots of great workshops and Fieldtrips coming down the line so keep an eye on our website calendar so you don’t miss out.




Article and photos by Arley Clark
All rights reserved


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