Action Ranger Gymkhana - October 9, 2007

Field Trips

By:  Pat Ware

What a great day!  This was a super field trip.  Sue Craft did a great job of organizing this trip.

Twenty-two LPA members met for breakfast and then drove to Acton.


Eight or nine more members joined us at the Acton Rangers Gymkhana. Sue gathered us all together on the patio at the community center building where she gave us some last minute helpful hints on taking pictures of horses in action.

The weather cooperated.  We had a beautiful sunny, comfortably warm day.

The morning sun presented some problems, but most people were able to find the right spot to get their pictures.


It was nice to be able to get close to the riders and their horses while they were waiting to be called to compete.

Photographers were all busy getting those great action shots as contestants circled poles, and performed figure eights around barrels.  Every age seemed to be included, with helpers leading the very young novice riders through their paces.

It was impressive to see so many families with children of all ages, enjoying their favorite activity. 

This was my first time taking action shots. I mostly experimented with my camera, and got a lot of horse’s rear ends!


After spending many hours at the arena, and having either run out of batteries, memory cards, or energy members headed for home.  

More fun followed later I’m sure, when everyone got to download, and sort all those hundreds upon hundreds of photos!   

Every member at the event was happy with their experience and felt that the action workshop had really prepared them for getting great pictures.


Member Photos

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