November 2007 General Meeting


Paul Colter’s “Living in Borneo and Traveling Around the World on a Motorcycle”
--November 20, 2007

Over 49 members/visitors were present for our November program "Living in Borneo and Traveling Around the World on a Motorcycle", presented by Paul Colter, from Ridgecrest, CA. Paul presently teaches anthropology and sociology as an adjunct professor at Cerro Coso Community College. He uses the movies that he created from slides for his classes at the college.

This was a truly great adventure that very few people are ever privileged to experience. He took over 2,000 photos, as slides, during this time. He entered the Peace Corps after teaching at Burroughs in the 1964-65 school year.

Paul lived in Borneo as a Peace Corps volunteer and lived with the natives, taught various subjects, did malaria eradication work, and shared their lives for 2 years. He still maintains contact with some of his students that he taught. Some have achieved great success, in government and one as an attorney in Borneo.

One former student is one of the premier Chinese artists of S.E. Asia. Another student who was born in the jungle and raised in a horticultural society is now a millionaire in Memphis, Tenn.

After the Peace Corps program, Paul and another volunteer purchased motorcycles in Singapore and traveled over 11,000 miles from Singapore to France, going through India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, Monaco and France.

On arriving home he returned to teaching at Burroughs, and on base for 15 years. He retired in 2004. Since retirement he scanned his slides into a computer and produced the two DVDs that he presented, one on Borneo and one on his motorcycle adventure.

All of his photos, along with a diary of his travels in the Borneo interior have been accepted into the National Archives at the Kennedy Library.

Many, many questions surfaced after the program, and Paul answered them all. He also mentioned how he is affiliated with the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest and got us all excited about visiting the Petroglyphs at NWC, and a field trip is being planned for sometime in April.

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