Portrait Photography by Hank Morris


January 26-27, 2008

Our first workshop for the year is going to be hard to beat in the coming months.

Our thanks go out to John Shedrick (our workshop chairperson), and Hank Morris (the workshop sponsor), for putting this great workshop together.

Due to the limitations of studio space, only the first 20 members to sign up were allowed to attend.

The workshop was split up into two sessions, one each on Saturday and Sunday. Half of the sign-ups attended each day.

The location was at Hank Morris Studio. Hank is a talented and professional photographer who specializes in High School Senior Portrait Photography.

Hank Morris Photography, 5852A Felsite, Rosamond, Ca. Phone: 256-1949

Hank began each session by explaining how his strobe lights are set up and triggered. He then took each individual through the steps of obtaining a custom white balance on their cameras and in Manual mode, setting the aperture and shutter speed for the correct exposure. After everyone’s cameras were ready, Hank shared some hints on posing models, both masculine and feminine.

Then, the attendees were allowed to take over and begin shooting away. One person at a time shot using a remote “Tripper” attached to our Hot Shoe, which set off the strobes. Each model had several outfits and Hank had lots of props and backgrounds in his studio to give us a good variety of poses.

Saturday’s model, Ashley, was a very lovely and beautifully dressed local teen from the Rosamond area. Our model on Sunday, was Kelly…beautiful, and ever so patient & pleasant with all those cameras pointed at her! Both girls kept a beautiful smile on their face for 4 hours!

For a female model, we learned about arching the back, bending at the waist, leaning forward, sticking the chin out, tilting the head and dropping the shoulder, all to give a flattering pose.

Both models received a FREE senior portrait package from Hank Morris Photography, and workshop participants are going to send a disc full of their favorite photos for both girls to expand their portfolios.

All the participants had a good time, learned a lot, and came away with some great shots.

If you didn’t manage to get on the workshop list this time, maybe if you sweet talk John, he can be persuaded to schedule another one.

In the next week or so, we’ll be posting samples below of the photos taken as the attendees send them in.


Member Photos



Remember, the LPA is always looking for models to assist us in furthering our photographic knowledge. If you know someone who might be interested in modeling, have them contact either Arley Clark or Jeff Bauer for further information.


Article by Arley Clark & Sue Craft
Photos Courtesy of Arley

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