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As a follow-up to their Flower workshop in March, then the field trip to Descanso Gardens in April, Tylene and Sue decided to offer a critique session intended primarily to benefit those who had a chance to practice what they learned in the workshop.

We had a nice turnout for the event which was hosted by Tylene and Marty at their house. Due to limited space, we couldn’t accommodate everyone who would have liked to attend, so preference was given to those who attended the field trip.


Sue and Paul had all our digital images prepared in advance and since we decided to make an “Ice Cream Social” out of the event, different participants brought in all the fixings for ice cream Sundays including cookies and drinks.

Everyone’s pictures were displayed on a high-definition TV set, one at a time, and a thorough critique was given on each and every one, by Tylene. Sue and others in attendance offered their comments as well.     There were so many really great pictures that she had to really “nit-pick” to find anything to criticize.

We all learned a lot during the critique about different angles that could have been used to take our shots, possible cropping options, some of the little things that tend to draw your attention away from the main subject, and much more. We now know what is meant by “border merges” and “tension” in a photo.

Everyone was enthusiastic throughout the whole session. It was not only very educational for us, but it was quite an enjoyable afternoon. Just like they’ve done in the past, when these ladies get together to take on a project, they really go all out.

A big thanks to Tylene and Sue and the others who pitched in to make this workshop, field trip and critique session such a perfect learning experience and an enjoyable time for all.

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