Meeting & Competition, May 2008


Over 58 members attended the meeting, and we had a record number of photo entries! This was an OPEN competition, the last competition of the 07-08 LPA year. Next month, all of the winning 1st place entries for the year will be competing for those year end trophies.


This was not only the largest turnout that we've ever had for one of our club competitions, but there were more really outstanding entries than ever in any single competition. We broke records in the digital entries with 28 members (14 in A group (Advanced Amatuer/Master) and 14 in B group (Novice/Amateur) with 68 digital images!

Our judges for the evening were Rich Breault and his wife Liz. Rich is an AV Press Senior Feature Writer for the Antelope Valley Press. Both are photographers and regular contributors to the AV Lifestyle Magazine.

Their critique sessions were quite informative. It was a real challenge for our judges to narrow down so many great entries to just a few winners

Those who missed getting First, Second, or Third place this time because of the fierce competition, should consider re-entering their photos in one of our future competitions as long as the Competition Theme will allow it.

Tylene Trout brought the goodies for the evening, and all enjoyed their Ice Cream Sundays.

The winner of the 50/50 drawing was Vince Capasso.

By Sue Craft & John Shedrick

Digital Winners

Digital A


David Wilkins

Fire Over the Sierras

Michael Harris  

Morning View

Lee Simmons


Rose in 40th

Don Bennett  

Mambry Mill

David Wilkins  


Lee Simmons

Dinner For Two

Sue Craft


Tour de California Bikers

Vince Capasso


Captain Ford



Digital B 

James Pemberton

Mystery Valley

John Dougherty  

3 In Step

 Diana Edgel



Douglas Wade



Beth Goodno


Roses and Chain

Douglas Wade


Nan Carder

Gull Looking For Food




Print Winners


These are pictures of pictures. Some are out of focus because the lights were out and a camera has a hard time locking focus when it cant see what to focus on. Winners that have better pictures should forward them to me so I can upgrade your photo.

( )

Master Prints

Dennis Goodno

Moroccan Guard


Fred Griggs

Edinbergh @ Midnight

Lyle Trusty

Monique in Red and Gold

Don Bennett

Cheetah On Log

Dennis Goodno

Mining Car

Advanced Prints

Helen Henry

Fire Dancer

DR Jones

Dead Calm

Katelyn Humphry


Helen Henry

Old Man Shoe Shine

Helen Henry

Home from the Market


Amateur Prints

Fran Marroquin


Nate Allsop

Renaissance Man

Fran Marroquin


Jerry Stowell

New Life

Arthur Barnett

Two Lips

Nan Carder

Gorilla Mom and Babe

Novice Prints

John Waterbury

Nature's Beauty

John Waterbury

Last Light

John Waterbury

The Fly



Slide Winners

Darlene Sprunger

Got Mail

Walt Old

River Scene

Richard Wood

Budda and Nega

Fred Griggs

Rome at Sunset

Bertha Plummer


Yellow Flower



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