Photoshop Workshop, May 27, 2008


This month, Bill took us through just about every process that can be used to make selections in Photoshop.

He explained the reasons why you want to select different areas and just what you can do with your selections.

He began with some of the simpler tools like the Magic Wand and Lasso Tool and explained all the tricks for using them, like adjusting the sensitivity, feathering the edge and refining your selection.

My favorite topic of the evening was learning how to use the Color Range selection which Bill demonstrated by showing how you can select an entire sky from behind a complex foreground, like trees, simply by clicking on part of the sky, and then fine tuning the selection until every bit of the sky was selected. He then proceeded to modify the color to obtain a more pleasing scene.

He went on to cover some of the more complex techniques like using Channels and Masks.

He even covered the Transform Selection and show us how this can be used in conjunction with the warp tool to change the size or shape of a persons nose, or any other part.

Bill had thoroughly prepared handouts covering everything he explained. Most of us left the workshop eager to put some of our newfound knowledge to use.

For those who missed the workshop, we have extra handouts which will be on the table at our next meeting.


Thanks, Bill, for another great workshop.


John Shedrick

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