S4C Awards Banquet, June, 2008


The LPA was well represented at the S4C Annual Awards Banquet, held at  Almansor Court, in  Alhambra.  Twelve of us (including 1 guest) attended the banquet, and 15 LPA members received Honors Awards and/or Medals.  The program was quite enjoyable, and the lunch, delicious.

Photo by Lyle Trusty


Competitors included all of the Award, or HM winners over the 2007-2008 S4C competition year (7 months), from over 10 different photo clubs.  Division photos were judged by “teams of three” from various clubs through out the country, and one division was even judged abroad, in England, I believe.

The “new” S4C year begins in October 2008.  All LPA members are eligible to participate in S4C, and the cost is… FREE (Our club belongs to S4C).  S4C competitions are open to everyone, whether you are a novice or a pro.  All images are scored by a panel of three judges, and you receive a total score for each entry (27 is the highest).

To participate in the 2008-2009 S4C Competition Year…

  1. Obtain a UEN number (request at least one month before you want to enter) by submitting a S4C UEN Request Form. Upon receipt of your UEN, you’ll also receive detailed information on how/where to submit entries.
  2. Enter your digital entries before midnight of the last day of the preceding month (Sept 30 for the October competition)   Size your digital entries just like you do for the LPA competitions.
  3. Prints are encouraged as well, but you need to hand carry, or find a good friend to take them to the monthly competition on competition day.

Questions?  Contact Lyle Trusty, or Sue Craft


S4C  LPA Winners

  • Nan Carder –  Bronze Medal, 7 Honors
  • Paul Craft – Bronze Medal
  • Sue Craft – 1 Gold, 1 Silver, & 1 Bronze Medal, 7 Honors
  • Behnaz Goodno - Honor
  • Dennis Goodno - 1 Gold & 2 Silver Medals, 5 Honors
  • Fred Griggs – Best of Show, Honor
  • Helen Henry- 1 Gold & 1 Silver Medal, 7 Honors
  • Ann Hurd - Honor
  • Ken Kuehne - Honor
  • Sue Liberto – 2 Honors
  • Anita Kratofil – 2 Honors
  • Lee Simmons – 1 Gold Medal, Honor
  • Lyle Trusty - Honor
  • David Wilkins – 2 Silver & 1 Bronze Medal, 3 Honors
  • Nola Zhang – 1 Gold & 1 Silver Medal, 3 Honors

Photo by Nola Zhang

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