General Meeting, September 2008


This month, Mark Comon was our guest speaker. Every once in a great while, we have a fantastic program that wow's everyone. This was one of those programs.

Sue Craft put this together and I think she did a fantastic job of coordinating and arraigning this event. Members can leave her a message on our Forum that she frequents.

Mark Comon is a well know photography instructor that holds workshop in various parts of the country. He also runs a photography store in Hawthorne. His contact information is listed below if anyone is interested in attending his workshops.

Tonight's topic was

"Winning photo competitions".

The first half of the night Mark lectured on what it takes to get ahead of the other competitors and the do's and don'ts of entering you're prints.

The second half was a critique of pictures members had brought in. No flowering over the comments, just plain good, bad or indifferent. He explained what was wrong and what was right. Straight to the point and in some cases a little harsh, but I think members understood that they were getting the straight truth instead of being appeased. Feelings can easily get hurt when it comes to critiquing ones pride and joy, but it all ends up for the better. What you consider something fantastic is not necessarily what others think. You can liken it to a mother and baby. The mother thinks her baby is the most beautiful thing in the world, while others see it as just any other baby.

In the short time we had left, we had our standard 50/50 drawing with a prize of $36 going out, talked about some of the field trips coming up and our planned workshop for next week.


And, something I really feel bad about. Nola Zang wanted to give out a small presentation on her upcoming Field Trip to China but, because of time constraints, was thrown in at the last minute while members were getting ready to leave. Needless to say she didn't get a chance to do her presentation. We would like to apologize to Nola for our lack of planning and hope to get her back again next month so everyone will get a chance to here her.


That's it, Great meeting, great guest, beautiful night. What more can you ask for for $26 a year.


Note from Mark:


Your enthusiasm and participation were exemplary!

To see 70+ of you anxious to learn and share your pictures Was truly an inspiration. Thank you for the heartfelt comments and evaluations. It helps me to improve as I strive to do a better job. I am never satisfied with my teaching or my photography!

A number of you wrote and asked about the creative side of photography…  It was not ignored as the “winning contest” lesson is more technical

YES Photography is a blend of Art and Science (another lesson I present)

YES you must always blend your creativity, your emotion and your voice

To create your pictures.  Dewitt Jones tells says…”the camera tells more about the Person taking the picture than the subject.”

Keep up the good work and remember to have fun photographing

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Mark Comon
23845 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
p. 310-375-7014
f.  310-373-0053


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