Fall Colors Field Trip - Oct. 8-10 2008

Field Trips

Fall color up Bishop Creek was at it’s peak! Some said “the BEST they’ve ever seen”.

Most of our LPA group of 26+ met on a warm 90 degree Wednesday afternoon at the Galen Rowell’s Gallery in Bishop to get the latest fall color update, and field trip plan from Dave Anderson.

Dave came up the day before, did a lot of “scouting” and had info and maps for all. The first day, he took the group up Bishop Creek Canyon and led us to all the photo op sites. While not necessarily leaving time for extended photos at each spot, he made sure that everyone knew where the prime photo locations were, where they needed to go/drive in the dark the following morning, and then ready for a day’s worth of GREAT photo ops the following two days.

Afterwards, following LPA tradition, the group met for dinner at Denny’s. Who started that?

Most of the group was at North Lake the following morning, well before the sun came up, to photograph sunrise and all the early morning reflections on the lake. They had a bit of wind and ripples/white caps on the lake to contend with, as a winter storm was on it’s way. Another group was there even earlier, in the pitch black, at the northern end of the lake, trying to catch a few star trails and paint the Aspens with light.

The group sort of played leap frog around the canyon all day, meeting and passing along info on the hot photo spots. Visits were made to North Lake, Lake Sabrina, South Lake, the Aspendell waterfall, and all of the gorgeous sun lit canyons on the way.

Some made it to Rock Creek Canyon, McGee Creek, and Mono Lake.

Two dinner groups formed the next evening, and some went Mexican, and others for Sizzler.

Friday morning, some slept in because they were exhausted, some headed for Mono Lake to capture sunrise on the lake, and others back up the canyon.

Our group slept in, and then headed to Bloody Canyon, where we had read about the Red Aspens, but found the area way beyond peak. It was super windy!!! The storm clouds were quickly rolling in.

Since so close, we had to check out the June Lake Loop. The area seems to be a bit protected, and behind the other areas in terms of fall color, and saw lots of green/yellow Aspen.

We found a great spot for a great big gooey Cheeseburger with Beer Battered French Fries though.

Upon leaving the cold, windy, dark, and stormy looking June Lake Loop on Friday, the SNOWFLAKES started flying through the air!!! Burrrrrrrr!!! Time for us to go!



Thank you Dave, for arranging such a FUN field trip for all!!!



Photos by Arley Clark unless otherwise noted.

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