Meeting & Competition, October 21 2008


Wow, this months competition brought an overwhelming amount of entries. The most we've had in a long time.



And the winners are...


Julie Sutton from Julie Sutton Photography located in Lancaster was our judge for the night and she managed to pull out the top photographs from an increasingly difficult selection due to the quality of entries.

As more and more people discover that digital photography has made it simpler to produce outstanding results, our membership and diversity goes up.

Congratulations to all who won. Below you will find our winners.



Digital Winners

Master Digital


David Wilkins
Fall Color
Kay Hendrickson  
Bishop Fall Color
John Shedrick  
Crater Lake
Helen Henry  
John Shedrick  
Oregon Stream
Lee Simmons  
Iris Blue


Advanced Digital


Sue Liberto
James Pemberton  
San Carlos
Michael Harris  
Snow Bridge
Sue Liberto  
Yellow Macro


Amateur Digital

Maryann Ryan
Bee Sunflower
Wendy Ware
Eye of the Llama
Bonnie Matthews
Mt. Hood
Marryann Ryan


View the  Print & Slide winners.



Print Winners

Master Prints

Lyle Trusty
Cedar Creek Grist Mill
Helen Henry
Tylene Trout
Lofuten Islands, Norway
David Arnold
Don Bennett
Cheetah On Log
P. Dale Ware
Monarch Butterfly


Advanced Prints



Michael Harris
Old Barn
Dave Anderson
Disney Concert Hall at Sunset
Pat Ware
Glowing Edges Rose
Bill Kuhlemeier
Delbert Jones
Sioux Falls
Kurtiss Humphrey


Amateur Prints


Leslie Sutton
Fall Classic
Bill Sutton
1932 Pierce Arrow Radiator Cap
Bill Sutton
Stinson Voyager
Arliss Dawson
Beaver Tail with Poppies
Diana Edgel
Bryce Canyon
Diana Edgel
Elk Gibbons Valley


Novice Prints

Diane Lynch
Huntington Botanical Gardens
Diane Lynch
I See You



Slide Winners


Richard Wood
Bountiful Desert
Dean Webb
Dean Webb
Stream Of Snow
Darlene Sprunger
Design in Color
Richard Wood
Tibetan Shopkeeper

Congratulations to everyone who participated!


Unless otherwise stated, photos, webpage and reproductions by Arley Clark
Article by Arley Clark

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