Meeting & Competition, January 27, 2009


The output quality of our members pictures has really improved over the years. We are seeing a huge difference in not only the quality, but photographic knowledge displayed by our members. Many images in the armature section could just as easily have been in the professional section.



Great job everyone.

Fred Griggs was our judge for the evening.

You can tell by his face he was having a hard time picking the best of the best.

Our digital entries are gradually taking over the competition. This month we had over 65 submissions with prints running around 25.

Slides are still hanging in there at 14. I guess we all can see where this is all going.

With the addition of digital entries in the fair competitions now, I think we are in for one hell of a ride.

We discussed upcoming fieldtrips, programs and workshops. Everyone should check the LPA calendar for a complete list. Also, stay tuned in to the LPA website for up-to date information for changing times, locations and dates. Be sure to mark YOUR calendar and don’t miss the LPA event.

Dean Webb and Terri Garner both spoke about the proposed By-Law changes. All members will receive a By-Law (red-lined) email file to review and make any final suggestions with a final deadline. The board will review at the next board meeting and the final By-Laws will be presented at the next General meeting.

Glenn Olson, coordinator of the Friday Night Discussion Group at Bianco’s Café, gave an invite to all to stop on by! It’s a café type atmosphere, where people come/go and the talk is all about photography… cameras, photo locations, techniques etc.

Congratulations to Doug Black, a new member for winning the 50/50.


View the Digital and Print & Slide winners.


Unless otherwise noted, webpage, photo and photo reproductions by Arley Clark
Article by Bonnie Matthews and Arley Clark




Digital Winners

Master Digital


Sue Craft
Bee On Flower
David Wilkins  
Cafe Au Lait
David Wilkins  
Hopper At Work
John Shedrick  
Sue Craft  


Advanced Digital


Bill Kuhlemeier
Baby Hopper on Iris
Nan Carder  
Fly on Flower
Paul Craft  
Cactus- Mugu
Bill Kuhlemeier  
Toad In Your Face
Michael Harris  
Sue Liberto  
Yorkie Pups


Amateur Digital

Fran Marroquin
Baby Face
Diana Edgel
Gazania 1
Douglas Wade
Lone Leaf
Bonnie Matthews
I Don't Share
Bonnie Matthews
Purple Beauty

Novice Digital

Kathie Jung
Leaf on Red
Sharon Martinez
Life Saver
Terri Garner
Colorful Candy
Jayda Knemeyer
Mountain of Ants
Terri Garner
Pretty Eyes




Print Winners

Master Prints

Dennis Goodno
Helicon Focus
Helen Henry
David Arnold
Eye of Tinker


Advanced Prints



Michael Harris
Kurtiss Humphrey
One Presidential Seal
Nan Carder
Butterfly and Flower
Bill Kuhlemeier
Bee Hovering by Flower
Chris & Schleria McGill


Amateur Prints


John Waterbury
John Waterbury
Pelican Portrait
Bill Sutton
Window to My Soul
Diane Lynch
Grasshopper’s Delight
Arliss Dawson
Angry Wasp


Novice Prints

 No Entries



Slide Winners


Darlene Sprunger
Just Relaxing
Richard Wood
alt:0 Toad’s Patio
Walt Old
Hungry Bug
Bertha Plummer
Pine Cone
Richard Wood
Summer Nectar


Prints and slides are photographed during the presentation, and so will be of significantly lower quality than the original item.


by Bonnie J Matthews-Franke

Bonnie has been taking pictures since she was a little girl, but she didn’t get into digital photography until about four years ago, just before she joined the club.

Matthews finds the club to be very beneficial to her. “The interaction with other members, being able to ask questions, the workshops and the knowledge that I take away from the club is phenomenal.”

She is very active, attending most of the workshops and field trips. She has missed only a few workshops the last few years and has attended about 70% of the field trips. The fall color trip is one she’s really looking forward to.

When asked what kind of photography she prefers, she said landscapes. She just finished a vacation trip to Oregon where she photographed lighthouses, old barns and covered bridges. “I really like old structures,” she said. She now loves portraits and has her own studio.

Matthews has a Canon 5D MKII and a variety of lenses and accessories. Her favorite lens is a 28-135mm ,70-200mm. & 100mm.

Matthews is our new secretary of the club and has made many changes – to help us grow. One improvement she hopes to make, however, is to archive the meeting notes she takes so new members can have access to them online.

“I’m really proud that the club is growing like it is, and that the workshops are so great.

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