Discusson Group Notes March 13, 2009

Discussion Group

There were no big scares this Friday the 13th. Perhaps our lucky number seven (attendees) helped out. This was our second time at Crazy Otto's and, again, we were pleased with the service and great food. Next week we'll be trying out the Denny's on the corner of Ave K and 20th West to see how that works out.

Bonnie started this meeting off by giving us an update on the club board meeting.

Terri passed around a scrapbook book from a 2005 Scrap Camp she had attended. I'm amazed at all the interesting things people can do with their photographs.

Julia showed off her new mini-tripod and described her (new to her) full-sized tripod. She acquired Deborah's old one which was replaced by a new Manfrotto similar to Terri's. It was Deborah's un-birthday present.

I described my new bean-bag camera mount which I made out of plastic granules and the pant-leg of an old pair of jeans. I also described my photo tent that I made to take photos of small flowers in the field. It's basically a white twin sheet ($3 at WalMart) wrapped 2/3 the way around the outstretched legs of my tripod. I've sewn in pockets for the tripod legs but safety pins would do. By pointing the middle leg into the wind and setting it over the flower it blocks the wind while acting like a lightbox. I've also picked up some colored construction paper for backgrounds but I haven't tried those yet.

Bonnie opened up a discussion on web cams. Those have come a long way since my first one almost ten years ago.

Again, we got into a lengthy discussion on the interpretation of the written definition for the competition category "creative." Bonnie did what she could to help us out so we went through Art's very artistic photos and recommended he enter some of them. In my opinion his best one was the wine glass which was swirled with Photoshop. It reminded me of some of the wine I've drank.

I described my plans for a 3-D image splitter, for which I have a few components collected to make a prototype. Art explained to me that, for the final version, I'll need front-surface mirrors to avoid double reflections. He seems to know a lot about glass.

Jerry was back from Southern Arizona where he mostly took photos of cacti. This is great since the next competition will be "Desert Scenes" (Competition Rules). Since the definition says, "of the southwestern deserts" I'm assuming that this includes all desert areas from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean and from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. If not then this needs to be clarified.

Terri and Lee described their latest trip to Willow Springs where they shot stock cars, bandeleros, legends, and drifters. We talked quite a bit about the difficulty in showing motion in photos of the drifters because they are relatively slow.

This coming Friday, March 20, we will meet at Denny's on Ave K and 20th West. We will meet there for two weeks as part of our comparison to see which one suits us best.

Our core hour is 7 PM to 8 PM but someone is usually there between 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. We hope to see you there.


Glenn Olson
Coordinator and Moderator

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