Willow Springs Field Trip, May 17 2009

Field Trips

On May 17th, Glenn Olson and Lyle Trusty lead a local field trip to Willow Springs.

This was one of the largest attended trips in a long time. Somewhere around 40 people signed up to go and I believe about 30 showed up.

I think the huge attendance was a combination of the fact that it was fairly close to home and held on a Sunday when most people were available. The free admission that Glenn had arranged didn't hurt either (a $10 benefit).

The day started out with everyone meeting in the Budweiser building right next to the track. Lyle gave a brief workshop on camera settings and goals you should seek to get the most out of the experience. Lots of things about motion blur and shutter speeds, iso's and fstops.

Then it was time to get to work. Like the Fire Dept. going after a fire, everyone grabbed their equipment and headed out to capture what they could. Some headed to the pits while others wandered around the track shooting the bikes as they went by.

I sent out an email to everyone that attended and hopefully we will get some great shots of the event in the coming days.

Overall, it was a productive and fun day, a little warm, but well worth the time invested.


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Article and all pictures (less header, stock) by Arley Clark

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