Year-End Meeting, June 16, 2009


It was a busy night! We fit in a dinner, special guest speaker John Haslett, the Year End Competition, and Installation of Officers.

A small group of us met our guest speaker at 430pm for a no-host dinner before the meeting, at the Hometown Buffet. Our out of town guests and judges seem to enjoy getting a jump on traffic, coming up early, and having photo friends to dine with. For those of you who are able to make dinner at that early hour, please join us sometime.

John Haslett’s program, The Manteno Expedition was fascinating. He was an excellent story teller, kept the audience entertained, and had great photos, and video, of his expeditions on a 30,000 pound balsa raft, at sea. Quite a few members purchased his book, The Manteno Expedition, which he happily autographed.

Afterwards we had our Year End Photo Competition, where all the first place winners for 08-09 were eligible to compete. The Best of the Year in each division was voted on by all the members present. For the first time ever… there was a 3 way tie! In the Novice division! I don’t think we’ve ever had to give IOU’s for trophies before.

While waiting for votes to be tallied, Dave Anderson, our President, announced the new Board (4 continuing, plus the addition of two new members). He then thanked the committee members for all of their contributions in making this such a great club.

Your 2008-2009 board… Dave Anderson President, Sue Craft Vice President, Bonnie Matthews Secretary, Nan Carder Treasurer, and new board members Terri Garner and David Wilkins.

At last, the 50/50 drawing… the pot was large, as we had over 60 members in attendance. Dave Arnold was the winner of the 50/50 drawing, and won over $42! He kindly took out his initial investment of $5 and donated the rest back to the club. Thank you Dave!


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And the winners are...

Results Below



Novice Digital


Kathy Jung
Leaf on Red
Sharon Martinez  
Yellow Poppy
Sharon Martinez  
Antigua Church


Amateur Digital 

Fran Marroquin
Baby Face

Advanced Digital

Anita Kratofil
Sunrise Glow Death Valley

Master Digital

David Wilkins
Fall Color



Print Winners

Novice Prints

Diana Edgel
Cayucos Surfer


Amateur Prints

John Waterbury

Advanced Prints

Michael Harris


Master Prints

Lyle Trusty
Cedar Creek Grist Mill




Darlene Sprunger
Fantasy Bird



Congratulations To Everyone Who Participated


Unless otherwise noted, webpage, photos and photo reproductions by Arley Clark
Article by Sue Craft



Year End Competition / Installation of Officers

June 16, 2009

By Bonnie J Matthews


Over 60 people and 2 visitors were present tonight for the Year End Competition! The first place winners from our competitions over the past year, all competed for the year end trophies. Numerous beautiful photos aligned the stage, and it was so great to see so many photos from some of our newest members.

Dave Anderson announced Helen Henry took over the Competition Chair position as Fred Griggs would be stepping down from this position after 2 years of service. The club thanks Fred for all his hard work and the many hours he has given us.

Before the program began, the members voted on the Year End 2008-2009 Competition in the Digital, Print and Slide categories under the various classes. The Winners are as follows and Congratulations to all!!

  • Digital
    • Novice- Sharon Martinez, Kathie Jung, Sharon Martinez
    • Amateur - Fran Maraquin
    • Advance Amateur - Anita Kratofil
    • Masters - David Wilkins
  • Prints
    • Novice - Diane Edgel
    • Amateur - John Waterberry
    • Advance Amateur - Micheal Harris
    • Masters - Lyle Trusty
  • Slides - Darlene Sprunger

Sue Craft introduced our guest speaker tonight, John Haslett “The Manteno Expedition” who shared his stories, videos and photographs of two of his major expeditions where he and colleagues built a series of giant balsa rafts similar to Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tike and then spent 200 days aboard those vessels. The program was fun for all and combined science, exploration, adventure, and photography. John has published articles in Archaeology, QST, National Geographic Adventure, and others.

John Shredrick reminded everyone he needs the members to sign up on the LPA website. He needs 3 more clerks. He also needs more people to work various times and various duties. PLEASE, PLEASE members, sign up and support your club!!!!

John Shredrick gave his AV Fair report and reminded everyone of the workshop this coming Saturday, Jun 20 – How to prepare photo’s for AV Fair at the Van Dam Bldg at the AV fairground at 6pm. Come learn how to upload your photo’s for the fair, learn how to prepare your photo’s for the fair and should you have any other questions that pertain to the AV Fair, come and ask those also. We also will have a second workshop at the Sr Center on Jun 23 - Photo Gear Q & A . Should you have a piece of photo equipment you would like to share with others, bring it and share.

David Wilkins gave his Newsletter report thanking those who have submitted photos and encouraging others to submit photos and articles of their summer vacation trips. He is more than willing to assist you in writing your article once you submit your photo’s.

Terri Garner gave her report on the LPA BBQ Club Picnic, to be held on June 13th at the Lancaster City Park. It was a very windy day and attendance was a little low. The club must pay approx $100 so if those that attended would like to make donations, it would be appreciated.

Bonnie Matthews briefly gave an update on the status of the Incorporation of LPA She also gave information on the General Liability insurance which breaks down to a total cost of $12 a year per member. We will still wait and see what PSA will have to offer us in 60 days.

Bonnie then made an announcement regarding the LPA committee chair positions available. If interested in chairing either the Field Trip position or being the Telephone chair, please go to the LPA site to review the position. Also, all the chairs need help, whether you can donate an hour a month or more, please sign upon the LPA site.

Your Officers for 2009-2010, (same as last year… that’s awesome!) and we are adding two new board members. We all work well together, and thank everyone for their support, and look forward to working for/with both new/old LPA members during the next year.

Dave Anderson thanked all the officers and committee chairs for their many hours of diligent work.

  • Dave Anderson- President
  • Sue Craft- VP
  • Bonnie Matthews -Secretary
  • Nan Carder- Treasurer
  • Terri Garner-Board member
  • David Wilkins-Board member
  • John Shredrick- AV Fair chair
  • Arley Clark - Website chair
  • Dave Wilkins - Newsletters chair
  • David Wilkins- Field trip chair
  • Glenn Olson, Lyle Trusty and David Wilson also led field trips
  • Lyle Trusty- S4C chair
  • Glenn Olson- Friday Night Moderator
  • Sue Liberto- Refreshments chair
  • Tylene Trout- Hospitality chair
  • Skye Jung -50/50 chair
  • Sue Craft -Poppy Festival chair
  • Terri Garner -BBQ chair
  • A special thank you to Fred and Dennis for their time and commitment to LPA.
  • Fred Griggs- 2 years Competition chair 2 years
  • Dennis Goodno -Website chair 2 years

Tylene Trout welcomed 2 guest, thank you for joining us.

Our refreshments for the evening were provided by Fran Marroquin.

Dave Arnold was the winner of the 50/50 drawing and graciously donated his winnings (minus his original investment) back to the club. We would again like to say thank you to Dave his kindness.

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