Discusson Group Notes February 12, 2010

Discussion Group

Four of us started out with Vivian showing us two photos of a flower with slightly different post-processing.  We talked about the differences and how to subdue a relatively bright spot in one corner.  Then we went into depth of field (DOF) with Bill and I trying to remember the correct relationship between F-stop and DOF.  I think we were both right but saying it slightly differently.  All I could remember clearly was Tylene saying to think of it as "The greater the F number the greater the depth of field."  Terri and Lee arrived and helped us sort out our linguistics problem.  Then I had Julia get my camera and I verified it all by taking photos of little cream pitchers on the table.  It helps to review the basics once in a while.

We talked about the upcoming wildflower season and I showed some of my photos from last year.



Bill talked about desktop photography and relayed what a friend of his in LA said which made sense.  He said "Think of a caption first."  Then go about setting up your scene.  Bill was trying to come up with something for "Happy breakfast."  I suggested a couple of eggs over easy for eyes and bacon for a smile but Terri pointed out that that had been done.  So I suggested an egg with some money.  I'd be happy with a breakfast that came with money.

Terri got us on the subject of workshops and her plans for a Photoshop Elements workshop.  We talked about the LA Conservancy walking tours and, after comparing our schedules, decided to look into conducting a field trip Saturday, April 10th, starting with a ride on the Metro, the Art Deco walk, back to Olvera St. for lunch, more photos, then the Metro back.  I agreed to look into costs and times, check with the LA Conservancy about groups with tripods, and post it on the forum to get comments and suggestions.

As a follow-up to a question last week Lee had brought in his camera and showed off his close-up filters.  Not to be outdone I brought out my camera and closeup filters.  These filters (essentially magnifying lenses) are almost as good as a closeup lens but only about 1/10th the price.  I used mine for many of my wildflower shots last spring.

Terri brought us up to speed on some club news.  Nan is now the official PSA rep. and Helen is the official competition chair.

We spent some time discussing the merits of digital displays for the fair and there were mixed reviews.  Myself, I prefer prints because I can scan many quickly then spend time studying the few I really like.  With digital I get about five seconds on each, I don't get to study any, and it takes quite a while to sit through them.  Last year I think I saw about 30 then walked away.  I makes for a nice visual display but, for me, it's impractical.  No one in the group strongly disagreed with me.

The Poppy Festival is coming up April 24 and 25 and the club is looking for people to sign up.  I mentioned that, while we have general information available, it would be nice to have some more detail.  For example, we know that anyone can hang pictures for display or sale with no real limit to size, but I haven't seen anything written on a practical or typical range of sizes.  Nor have I found any recommendations as to the type of framing.  If anyone has that information or a link to it I would be very appreciative in receiving it.

Coming up in July is the Juried Salon being presented jointly by the Lakes and Valley's Art Guild (LVAG) and the LPA.  These types of events usually require entries to be submitted a few weeks to a month before the opening night so if anyone is interested then it's probably time to start preparing already.  I've included the LVAG web site but, as usual, it hasn't been updated in a while.

We talked about competitions in general and the Panorama competition in particular.  No one had a good definition of panorama at the time. 



If you can, please join us each Friday evening at Denny's at the corner of Ave K and 20th West. We begin about 6:30 PM and usually go to at least 8:30 PM. You can drop by at anytime and stay for as long as you like (you don't even have to buy anything). Denny's has graciously provided us a section to ourselves and the service is great.

All photography related subjects are fair game and there's never a planned agenda. You can bring in your questions, your stories, your equipment, your photos (paper or digital), or even just yourself to sit, listen, and/or talk.

I would again like to extend a special invitation to both new members and the more expert members who would like to participate in these informal discussions. You are welcome to visit the LPA forum and leave your comments......


Glenn Olson, Coordinator and Moderator



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