General Meeting, February 2010


Panoramic Photography by Rene and Patty Caro


Our guest speakers this evening were Rene & Patty Caro, former LPA members.  After being in Durango Colorado for the past few years, they have returned with many wonderful panoramic photos, greenhouses and all of their cacti.

Rene and Patty shared tips and tricks on panoramic photography, both in the field and processing. They participated in many art shows in the area, and shared numerous tips on printing, mounting, hanging, and marketing your photos.


Comments received about the program included…   “The program was excellent”, “We need to have them back again”. “They were so ‘down to earth’ and easy to understand”, and “We should make a field trip/workshop and visit their cactus”.


Check out to see Rene’s beautiful panoramic photos, and more beautiful cactus photos at Rene & Patty’s website


Over 56 people in attendance.  Many guests tonight… some found out about us through announcements in the AV Press, the LPA website, and friend recommendations.


Terri Garner, thank you for advertising. Photography experienced ranged from novice, to shooting photos over 60 years!


Welcome to all the visitors, many of which signed up to be LPA members. We are in the process of updating our “New Member Package”.  In the meantime, please contact Bonnie Matthews our Secretary, or Sue Craft Vice President for additional information.


Upcoming events:

  • Feb 21-21 Portrait Workshop
  • Feb 23 - Workshop on Photoshop Elements
  • Mar 16 - Competition - Panoroma Format
  • Mar 23 - Program/Workshop by Noella Ballenger on the “Small World”
  • Mar 24 & 27 - Flower Workshops in the field by Noella Ballenger
  • Every Friday night – Discussion Group – 630-830pm at Denny’s at 20th W & Ave K


Further out:

  • April 24-25 – CA Poppy Festival
  • July 2010 – LPA/LVAG Fine Arts Gallery Show 


Details available on the LPA website, calendar, and monthly newsletter.



Thank you to Douglas Wade for volunteering to be our new Workshop Chairperson. He has some exciting ideas! He’ll be taking over for John Shedrick, as John is leaving the area. We’re gonna miss you John.

Our PSA rep, Nan Carder, shared many of the advantages of becoming a member of PSA. Our S4C rep, Lyle Trusty, updated us on S4C Our members have been doing quite well in the competitions. Thanks to Helen and Nan, our S4C interclub entries are doing great too! Questions about entering S4C or PSA??? Talk to Lyle, Helen or Nan, and they will get you all set up.

Lyle Trusty spoke about our upcoming event in July at LVAG (Lakes & Valleys Art Gallery) and how we need to pick a featured artist. If you would like to be considered being the “featured artist” or would like to suggest someone, please contact Lyle, or Dave Anderson.

David Wilkins, our Newsletter Editor is always looking for information and photos for the newsletter. If you go on a trip, or have photos or information to share, let David know.

Cheryl Ross, our librarian, is eager to start lending out books, magazines, videos, etc… to LPA members. The list of available material is on the LPA website, under the Members Only section.

Glenn Olson gave a warm welcome to all to attend the Friday nights Discussion Group, at Denny’s (20th W & Ave K). Anything photography related is welcome for discussion. Bring your camera, your questions, your photos, your laptop… anything you want to share that is photography related.

Thank you to Diana Edgel for the yummy snacks this evening. Anyone who signs up to bring snack for the evening will be reimbursed up to $30. Diana is also in charge of selling raffle tickets. Bill Sutton stuck his hand into the pot and drew the winner, and it was… Diana!!! She went home with an extra $33 in her pocket. Thank you Diana!

Thank you to all our volunteers!!! It’s a lot of work to pull off LPA events, but with help… easy, fun, and so nice to be part of such a great group of people. So thank you to all the volunteers, and behind the scenes volunteers. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Have fun shooting Panoramic Shots and we look forward to seeing them at our March competition.


Sue Craft

Photography by Arley Clark

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