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On July 17th, 2010 a few of us LPA members went down to Riverside to help with the Photojournalism section of the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs?(S4C) 46th International Exhibition of Photography? 2010.

I was chairperson, and thanks go to, Sue and Paul Craft who ran the scoring computers, Bill Sutton who was our score caller, Diana Edgel who was our scribe, and Jerry Henry who was our assistant. We where in a fabulous air conditioned room from 7:30 am until about 4pm. Lunch was included. Being a member of our team gave us the opportunity to see 100's of entries from around the world that are first class PJ pictures.

We where in charge of setting up and running all the computers, which there where 3, the scoring equipment, and keeping track of our judges. We had three fantastic and efficient judges in our room, Nan Carder from Lancaster, CA., Ken Cordas HonS4C, DFS4C, Orange, CA Dale Gilkinson FPSA, HonS4C, DFS4C, Glendora, CA. Lyle Trusty was also a judge, but in a different room. This is quite a learning experience for all. There are five rooms running at one time. They all had there own themes, such as,

    • Color Projected Image
      • General (Open)
      • Theme: Flower or Flowers
    • Nature
      • General (Open)
      • Wildlife
    • General (Open)
      • Theme: People and Food
        Our Dessert, this should have been our entry.
    • Photojournalism
      • General (Open)
      • Human Interest
    • Small Color
      • General (Open)
      • Theme: Flower or Flowers
    • Small Monochrome
      • General (Open)
      • Theme: Flower or Flowers

We stayed at the beautiful Mission Inn.

Spectators are welcome and are able to see the different rooms as available. This is a yearly event.

Once again, thanks for all the help.


Helen Henry
PJ Chair

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