Field Trip to the Long Beach Aquarium

Field Trips

September 10, 2010
Led by Bill & Leslie Sutton

Six LPA members carpooled down to the Long Beach Aquarium on this beautiful Friday morning.  The car pool lane was wide open.  “Friday Light” in all the other lanes was just creeping along, so if you go… take a friend!  The aquarium crowds were non-existent.  All the kids must have been back to school.  Bill found discount coupons for all, so everyone got a break on the entry fee.

Leslie Sutton
Photographing at the aquarium was a challenge.  It was dark inside, and a flash wouldn’t help.  We needed to go with a very high ISO number (I was at 1600), and lens wide open.  Even at that, our shutter speeds were very slow, so a steady hand was needed.  

One could practice low light photography, focusing in low light, tracking a quickly moving object, and watching for the light.  The underwater colors of the corals and tropical fish are brilliant.  Life underwater is amazing… and you can photograph it without getting wet!  No scuba gear required. 

Bill Sutton
The group met for lunch at the Scuba Café, and had fun chatting “photography” and talking about upcoming photo trips.


It was a delightful day, spent with wonderful people, and camera in hand.  Thank you Bill and Leslie for setting up the trip. 


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Sue Craft

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