General Meeting, September 21, 2010


Sue Craft, our President, welcomed 53 members and 7 guests to our September General meeting this evening.We started our evening off with David Wilkins, our Vice President, introducing our guest speaker tonight, Michael Gordon.  Michael is an award-winning fine art landscape photographer of unusual and overlooked natural landscapes of California and beyond.

A lifelong student of nature and wilderness, Michael photographs with a 4”x5” view camera and film. Michael’s intimate relationship with the landscape yields photographs of great depth and clarity. He is best known for his black and white ‘Desert’ series which, says Broughton Quarterly, portrays “stunning ethereal beauty from terrain where others see only a bleak landscape.”  Michael showed us a large selection of his  black and white work from the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of California; Yosemite Valley; Death Valley; Bishop area; Utah; to name a few. He shared his philosophies on nature and landscape photography ie “Photographing things for what else they are.”

Michael's photographs have been published in and on the covers of magazines, calendars, textbooks and music CD’s. He is represented by art galleries in the U.S. and Europe, and his fine art prints are held internationally in private collections. Publications and clients include Backpacker magazine, View Camera magazine, T-Mobile, Broughton Quarterly, The Wilderness Society, Campaign for America's Wilderness, USDA Forest Service, Brooks/Cole, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Body-Mind Music, and more. Awards and recognition include International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie, Paris, and Black & White Spider Awards. 

Michael leads photographic workshops and tours for photographers of all levels. Michael asked us to look up the SB 2921 Conservation Act Bill which would expand Death Valley, Joshua Tree N.P. and protect lands for recreation, wildlife and tourism. Community, business and conservation leaders from the California desert region are applauding a new proposal by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) that would increase protections for approximately 1.6 million acres of desert landscapes celebrated both for their contributions to America’s natural and cultural heritage and to the regional economy. For more information go to and if we could support it please do so.  LPA gave Michael a Honorary Membership and a Certificate of Appreciation for the excellent program this evening.

Visit Michael's web site at and his blog at

Tylene Trout welcomed visitors and new members.

LPA & Fairmont Butte Motocross Project: Save the “Poppy Reserve” Dean Webb, Sue Craft and Bonnie Matthews put together a letter. Sue didn’t re-read the letter to the membership but just briefly spoke on it and put it on the table for signatures if they support the project encouraging the LA Co Dept of Regional Planning to protect the more scenic areas for future generations.

Sue reminded everyone their dues are now late and they will be dropped from the membership at the end of this month if not paid by the end of this month.

Sue reminded everyone Bonnie Matthews our secretary needs to have all members complete a “Release of Liability/Members Info Update” form so we can updated information in our directory information.

LPA is so very AWESOME!!! During the meeting, we had a $50 donation from an anonymous member, with a note stating it was for the Christmas party.  Our members also donated $36 towards the snacks/Christmas party. Our goal for the Christmas party is $250  We started the evening with $27.   Add in tonight’s donations of $86 and we are getting closer to meeting our goal for our Christmas Party!!! We would also like to thank Sue Craft for the refreshments tonight. Don’t forget to sign up if you would like to help out with refreshments.

David Wilkins our Vice President gave his report on the upcoming programs.   Nov 16 –TBD. Dec 20 – Holiday Photo Contest & Dinner.

Douglas Wade our Workshop Chair announced the upcoming workshops. They are:  Sept 28th- Taking Your Camera off “Auto”. Oct 26 – Adobe Lightroom Demo for PSA Clubs

Sue filled in for Helen Henry, our Competition Chair, in her absence and reminded everyone of our new rule “ALL ENTRIES MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED FOR COMPETITIONS”  (by midnight the week before the competition).  No exceptions.  Christine Wilkins spoke about the next competition which is scheduled for Oct 19th and the theme is “Prime Desert Woodlands.”  Oct 30th Saddleback Butte- Dean Webb, Saddleback Butte 50th Anniversary photo contest. Dean Webb will be in charge of project. They are looking for digitals. Ribbons to be awarded and entries shown at October 30th at 11am at Saddleback Butte State Park.  Competition is open to LPA members and non-members as well.  Ribbons will not count for LPA EOY points. Sue then reminded us of the Jan 2011 Portraits, Mar – Open, May – Step Into The Past and June – “Best of Year” competition – Judged event, and Member’s Choice awards.

Bill Sutton our Fieldtrip Chair reminded us of the next upcoming field trips. Be sure to mark your calendar and watch the website for more information.  Sep 24-25– Alabama Hills – David & Chris Wilkins; Oct 3 – Acton Rangers Gymkhana - Sue Craft; Oct 16 – Field Trip Planning Breakfast 8am at Roxy’s Café on Palmdale Blvd; Nov- Vasquez Rocks w/costumed horses/riders- Bill & Leslie Sutton.

Everyone is invited everyone to attend the Friday night discussion group which meets every Friday night, 6:30pm at Denny’s, 20th West and K, Lancaster. Everyone is welcomed regardless of knowledge and all subjects covered. If you have any questions please contact Glenn Olson.

Cheryl Ross our library chair has books, magazines and information out on non-competition night for all to view. If anyone wants to donate to the Library, please contact Cheryl Ross. If you would like to check out books, magazines or items in the Library, please contact Cheryl.  Items available for checkout can be found on the LPA website, under the Members Only section.  Bonnie Matthews donated PhotoVision 2010  “Educational and Solutions for Professional Photographers”, a bi-monthly DVD subscription to the library.

Faith W., our new Newsletter Editor, said “Hello”, gave her Newsletter report and asked that articles and photos be turned in by Sept 26th for the October newsletter.

Dave Anderson gave his AV Fair report first by saying thank you to everyone who helped out. He is accepting critiques via email and we will address next month before the board meeting. Any changes to the rules must be in before Dec 31, 2010.

Lyle Trusty said the S4C new year is coming up fast, beginning October 1. Your entries are due the end of Sept, so be sure you have your UEN numbers. The time is NOW!!!!

Nan Carder wasn’t here this evening but wanted to remind us of a few things. The 72nd  PSA Annual Conference will be held in Charleston, SC form Oct 3 to Oct. 7, 2010.   We need your help getting pictures this year for the PSA Interclub Competitions. Pictures need to be 1024 x 768.  Lancaster Photography Association will be judging the PSA Nature Interclub contest in May 2011. This year PSA competitions start October 1, 2010.  There will be at least 18 competitions and we need 6 entries per competition. We have reorganized the Interclub Competitions. There is a link on the LPA homepage for uploading photos for both the PSA and S4C Interclub Competitions.    You can see information about what LPA/PSA member Lyle Trusty offers at


By Bonnie Matthews
Color photos by Lee Garner
Black & White  photos by Michael Gordon

by Bonnie J Matthews-Franke

Bonnie has been taking pictures since she was a little girl, but she didn�t get into digital photography until about four years ago, just before she joined the club.

Matthews finds the club to be very beneficial to her. “The interaction with other members, being able to ask questions, the workshops and the knowledge that I take away from the club is phenomenal.”

She is very active, attending most of the workshops and field trips. She has missed only a few workshops the last few years and has attended about 70% of the field trips. The fall color trip is one she�s really looking forward to.

When asked what kind of photography she prefers, she said landscapes. She just finished a vacation trip to Oregon where she photographed lighthouses, old barns and covered bridges. “I really like old structures,” she said. She now loves portraits and has her own studio.

Matthews has a Canon 5D MKII and a variety of lenses and accessories. Her favorite lens is a 28-135mm ,70-200mm. & 100mm.

Matthews is our new secretary of the club and has made many changes – to help us grow. One improvement she hopes to make, however, is to archive the meeting notes she takes so new members can have access to them online.

“I�m really proud that the club is growing like it is, and that the workshops are so great.

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