Workshop: Creative Photography


November 16, 2010 - Led by Nan Carder and Helen Henry

The November workshop was presented by two our own members, Nan Carder and Helen Henry on "creative" images. Both have won big in this event class for PSA and S4C. The class, "Creative" was demonstrated starting with some images that may not be exciting (we all have those) and showed each step of the process using Photoshop or Elements; adding a mix of ingredents to make the image, "pop". The demonstration showed the use of multiple images merged into a single image. Photoshop has lots of tools and filters to enhance the image quality. Additional plugins can be purchased to add even more excitement. The ladies demo images from start to finish by turning off the display of each layer in Photoshop and one at a time showed each layer as documented step. As they clicked on show layer checkbox, you could experience the changes for example, color alternation, to filters that morphed textures to using, to tools like liquidy or twirl. Finally, adding borders to the finish image.

 The Creative Workshop Power Point presentation (CD)  and handout will be available for purchase at the Nov/Dec meetings at a cost of $5.  See how our member’s 18 pictures progressed from start to finish and learn new techniques.  Our 2009-2010 PSA Creative Interclub entry, won us 1st place!

Photos by Sue Liberto

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