March Workshop: Photo Editing Software


LPA Workshop - Image Processing Software - March 22, 2011

Douglas Wade, our Workshop Chairman had a great idea!  He set up a Q&A session with a leader/instructor in each corner, covering Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, GIMP, and and even a S4C/PSA station set up to help members register for UEN’s to participate in S4C and information on the benefits of joining PSA.

Before starting the workshop, Douglas talked about the most popular image processing software packages available, ranging from GIMP (free), to Adobe Elements (less than $100), to Adobe Lightroom ($299) to Adobe Photoshop ($700).

Douglas Wade was the Lightroom presenter and shared his workflow, and answered questions.  A handout on workflow, and LR shortcuts was available.

Lightroom Shortcuts:


David Wilkins was the presenter for Photoshop, and … Sue Liberto said, “Yes.. I learned quite a few things and David had an answer for all of our questions...  He wanted us to challenge him.  He had a photo of Red Rock and the rocks were underexposed but foreground was good. He made a selection of the Rocks and lightened them.  He also explained why and how to use Smart Objects.  Wish we had more time!  I never got over to the LR station and wanted to but David was showing how to go from LR to PS and back”.


Terri Garner gave a demo on Elements, offered tips and answered questions. For Adobe Photoshop Elements, we went over the organizer in Elements.  We discussed how you can download your photos to files/folders/directories of your choice.  Elements Organizer then “gets” the location of the photos and provides a way for the user to sort and file by key words, tags and facial recognition to find photos later when needed.

Also, there are three ways to edit a photo, one is Full Edit, one is Quick Edit and one is Guided Edit.  It was guided edit that we went through.  This provides a self-help way to edit photos and a work flow to do the editing.

We reviewed Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 8 – but we did talk about how Version 9 now provides an actual “Mask Layer” to use instead of going through using the Adjustment Layer to get to the “Mask.”

Black and White control using the channel mixerLee Garner demonstrated the Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is a free and open source alternative to more costly options.  Though it isn't as robust as Photoshop CS5, and doesn't have the organizational features of Lightroom, it  does have most of the features needed for typical image processing.  Its sister program, UFRaw, provides raw image processing and imports the results into the Gimp.  With the Gimp you'll find layers & masks, color adjustments, the usual cropping and editing tools, and a variety of filters that you can use to alter your images.  Since it costs nothing to download and install, feel free to give it a try.  You might find that it does all that you need.

Supported platforms include GNU/Linux (i386, PPC), Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista/7), Mac OS X, Sun OpenSolaris, FreeBSD.

The Gimp:
Plugin repository:


Helen Henry, Nan Carder, and Lyle Trusty were there to talk about the benefits of participating in S4C, PSA, Interclub competitions, how to sign up for a UEN to participate in S4C, how to submit photos, and the benefits of becoming a member of PSA.  When you join PSA please remember to use us as a reference and please ask us if you have any questions we are glad to help. Special discounts available if you sign up now. 

  • Software:
    • Adobe Software – 15% Discount North American online store
    • onOne Software – 15% Discount
    • Topaz Labs – 15% Discount
    • Nik Software – 15% Discount new products & upgrades
    • AKVIS software – 20% Discount
    • HDR Expose - 20% Discount & 32 Float - 10% Discount
    • iCorrect by PictoColor Software – 25% Discount
    • ProShow Gold or Producer – 20% Discount
  • Lenses:
    • Lensbaby – Wide Angle/Macro Lens Gift ($59 value) with purchase
  • Photo Equipment:
    • ioSafe Fireproof Waterproof External Hard Drives – 10% Discount
    • M-ROCK Camera Bags - 10% Discount
    • Trek-Tek Products – 30% Discount
    • Hunts Photo & Video – Free Shipping in Continental U.S.
  • Workshops, Tours, and Books:
    • Lightroom 3 Workshop with Jerry Courvoisier – 15% Discount
    • "Lessons in DSLR Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop” by Jerry Courvoisier – 35% Discount & free shipping
    • Mountain Trail Photo Workshops – 20% Discount
    • National Geographic Traveler Seminars – 10% Discount
    • Digital Days Photo Workshops – 20% Discount
    • HDR Webinar – 30% Discount
    • Adventure Photography Photo Tours - $75 or $50 Discount
    • WANT Expeditions - $200 Discount
  • Print Products:
    • Red River Paper - Free sample box (with free shipping) & 10% Discount
    • Digital Silver Imaging B&W Prints – Buy 1 Get 1 Free & 10% Discount
  • Scanning:
    • ScanCafe - $29 off first order (~100 scans)
  • Photo Gallery:
    • SmugMug Gallery – 20% discount on first year, or email

Thank you Douglas, for arranging our workshop, and to all the presenters. Thirty members participated.  We’re always looking for volunteers, and you do not have to be an “expert”… only willing to share what you know.  You’ll learn a whole lot more!

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