Field Trip Report, PDWP, 6/18/2011

Field Trips

By: Lyle Trusty, MLPA, AS4C

For those seeking to capture images for competition it’s not until you start shooting that you realize you’re dealing with several distinct photography subjects…

Saturday was a good day for club members, as well as quite a few people from the Antelope Valley public sector, at the Prime Desert Woodlands Preserve (PDWP). Helen Henry and Chris Wilkins, backed up by Jerry Henry on the projector presented a fast paced and well organized program on photographing in the preserve.  The beautiful presentation of images from our past efforts gave everyone excellent examples of the flora and fauna native to the preserve, and the variety of ways to capture great images of them. Helen’s presentation of photography equipment most suited to the project included examples of camera, lenses and the use of tripods. Christine provided information on the range of animals and bird life currently residing in the natural habitat, and where they had been sighted. Maps and brochures rounded out the support provided at no charge.

The message presented was: For those seeking to capture images it’s not until you start shooting that you realize you’re dealing with several distinct photography subjects. There are 3.5 miles of trails, a variety of animals, including birds, reptiles, carnivores, rodents, rabbits and insects, just to name a few. Add to that the presence of 100 acres of pristine vegetation, preserved for the enjoyment and education of all of us and our children, in perpetuity. What a gift! In summary, the PDWP represents an asset of great value to all of us, worthy of our support and enjoyment, close at hand and available to all.

Thank you to Helen, Christine and Jerry for a very well done Field Trip and the opportunity to photograph the Preserve and its inhabitants on a beautiful summer day in the Antelope Valley.

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