July 19 Competition: Images of the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve

The July competition will be images of the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve (PDWP) taken from October 12, 2010 through the competition deadline.  All entries should be digital sized to 1024 on the largest side.  Slides or prints may be scanned and entered as digital.  Please contact Cheryl Ross in advance if you are in need of scanning help.

Currently there are migratory birds at the Prime Desert as well as some small flowers. Chris has sighted Western Kingbirds, house finches, quail, and blue jays recently. The quail are active on the West Trail near the concrete wall fences. Some of you who specialize in flower photography might consider walking the West Trail and capturing some images of Tidy Tips and Mojave or Desert Suncups (bright yellow, the size of a penny, ground hugging).  The exhibit is also lacking photographs of people using the Preserve.  I have seen babies in stroller, children in wheelchairs, joggers and determined runners. There are lots of lizard trails in the sand.  Can somebody please get a picture of one of them, also rabbit prints?  It would also be nice to have photographs of some of the activities at the Preserve.  There will be a moonwalk on May 14 and Helen Henry is doing a workshop there on June 18.  Check the Prime Desert website at http://www.cityoflancasterca.org/index.aspx?page=764 for information on all the public activities.

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