Yosemite in the Fall - Nov 4-7, 2011

Led by Sue Craft & Bill Sutton

Please join us on the weekend of November 4th through the 7th to photograph the vibrant colors and spectacular scenery of Yosemite in the fall.  Yosemite has so much to offer a photographer at any time of the year, but when you add bright fall colors to the palate, the resultant pictures should be stunning.  The water level at this time of year should be low, allowing for swirling fall leaves along the river.  Early morning temperatures could fall below freezing with frost and ice crystals giving way to a foggy mist on the valley floor as the sun begins to heat it up.  Also, the weekend that we will be there will be just before the full moon so it will be bright enough that we will be able to go out and get some great night shots of this magnificent valley.  Our exact itinerary on this trip will be weather, water and fall color dependent.

While in Yosemite, we will be staying at the Yosemite Lodge (also known as the Lodge at the Falls).  Because the hotels at Yosemite fill up fast, it is recommended that you make your reservations several months early (the longer you wait to make your reservations, the higher the rates will be).  You can make reservations on line at www.yosemitepark.com/reservations.aspx or you can call them direct at 1-801-559-4884 or at 1-866-875-8456.  If you wish to stay outside of the park, you can do a Google search for “Hotels near Yosemite” and find accommodations that are between a 30 minute and 1 hour drive from the park.  NOTE: Because the weather at this time of year is unpredictable (as there is always the possibility of an early snowfall), you will be required to carry tire chains in your car when visiting Yosemite in the fall.

It is suggested that you bring the following equipment in order to optimize your photographic experience:  Wide angle, telephoto and close-up lenses, a tripod, cable release, flashlight, polarizing and ND filters, reflectors, a flash, etc.  If you plan on getting close up shots at any of the falls, you may also want to bring some sort of rain cover for your camera such as the OP/TECH RAINSLEEVE approximately $8 for a pack of 2 (this is important because of the heavy spray and mist that is found at the base of the falls you will need to protect your camera), also be sure to bring a soft cloth to clean the mist off of your lens.

We look forward to having you join us for this special trip – Please sign up below.

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