November Workshop: LPA Website Tour & How to Enter S4C Competitions


Nov 22, 2011

LPA Member Lee Garner took us on tour of the LPA website, beginning with the basics, including how to log in, how to reset your password if you forgot your login, how to edit your profile, and how to upload photos for competitions and for your own personal galleries.  We had a demo on how to use/post on the forum, and about RSS feeds with Firefox.

Your personal photo is needed on the LPA website, and is displayed under “Our Members” and when you post on the forum.  Optimal size is 64x99 pixels.  Personal storage space for photos on the website is 75M.  Any large photos you upload are automatically resized to less than 600x800 megapixels and display well on the web, but are not of a high enough quality for someone to copy and print.

The LPA site is full of information from past to present and calendar entries of all the events, such as, field trips, competitions rules, results, all your past photo awards (with photos back approx 5 years) and even our bylaws. Did you know that you can view LPA newsletters as far back as 1972?

To challenge you a bit… web based monthly photo assignments are offered, with November’s theme being “Water”. Novice on up are all encouraged to participate.

Afterwards, Nan Carder and Helen Henry walked us through the steps needed to get a UEN (Universal Entry Number) for S4C (Southern CA Council of Camera Clubs) and how to upload photos for personal and interclub competitions.  S4C competitions are available to all LPA members at no charge. If you have any questions, Nan Carder ( and she will be happy to assist you.

If you have any questions regarding our LPA website, logging on, uploading photos, etc… please contact our webmaster Lee Garner (

We have an information sheet available about the S4C.

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