Nov 2011 Meeting featuring Kristina Jacob


Our President Sue Craft welcomed 62 people (incl guests) to our November meeting.

David Wilkins welcomed our guest speaker, Kristina Jacob, who presented “The World of Macro Photography”.  Ms. Jacob talked about how she got started in photography.  She learned a lot from the internet and her father provided some monetary assistance.  Kristina talked about how she took a picture of a flower that only blooms at night called “Night- Blooming Cereus (Peniocereus greggii)” using speedlites/strobes and discussed taking pictures at aquariums.  Long Beach Aquarium has a “Photographers Night” where they cover up lights that will reflect on the glass of the aquarium and allow tripods for that event.  Website to check for the Aquarium of the Pacific's photographer's night: Kristina has gone on several Photo Walks with Scott Kelby and plans to soon start her own “photo walks’.  Ms. Jacob hopes to start the walks after the first of the year (2012) and continue them every other month.

David opened up a Q&A session for Kristina:

  • What F Stop do you usually use for macro photography? F4 or F2.8
  • Is your lens a prime or zoom? 90mm prime.  Walks around with 24 to 105; uses 90 mm when not using 24 to 105.
  • Do you use a tripod or handhold? Mostly hand held and finds that tripods can be too cumbersome.
  • You are a Hobbyist; do you have a desire to be a professional?  Yes, enjoys doing it on the side but would like to one day get most of her income from her photography.
  • What did you learn from the Photo Walk?  It is important to have community of photographers; you will meet others in your area, pick up tips and tricks from others.  Scott has a contest, can win books and has a huge prize list.  Most important to take the photo, be with others and get your photos out there.
  • Big Sur picture (waterfall) what did you do to the picture and was hand held?  It was handheld and white balance tweaked and saturation increased.  It was taken at Limekiln State Park.
  • How are you shooting through the aquarium glass, put lens on the glass, no tripods allowed?  Macro -  get right up to the glass. Hard to shoot with curved aquariums.  Flat glass is best.

Comments - Expert for Canon Speedlite - Syl Arena. His site is  Learned a lot from Adobe Photoshop World in Washington DC last March.  The next West Coast event will be in Las Vegas sometime in the fall.

A $75 travel allowance and one year Honorary Membership was offered to Kristina.  Check out her photo blog at

Tylene Trout welcomed new members and guests.

If you have Membership questions please see Terri Garner.

Thank you to Pat Ware for bringing the refreshments.  Volunteers are needed to help Tylene with holiday dinner.  Our goal for Holiday Party donations was $250 and after receiving another $101 dollars in donations this evening, we stand at $308.  Any additional donations in excess of what is needed for the dinner, will go toward the non-profit group Friends of the (Senior) Center.

Sue Craft announced that LPA’s 501c3 status was approved October 31!  Committee members Bonnie Matthews, Sue Craft, Faith W, and Bill Sutton, were thanked.

Workshop Chair still needed.  Workshops presently scheduled through February.  If interested in volunteering, contact Sue Craft or Douglas Wade.

Justin Rasmussen volunteered to be Newsletter Editor and Terri Garner will assist him in making a smooth transition.

David Wilkins announced details on December Dinner & Holiday/Winter Photo Competition.  Three categories   (1) people/ or pets, (2) lights and (3) scenic.   LPA members may submit up to 5 photos no later than Dec 13.   Competition is for fun only and not part of year end awards.

Douglas Wade announced November Workshop - Nov – Navigating the LPA Website – Lee Garner LPA & Nan Carder/Helen Henry S4C/PSA.  Dec – No workshop.  Jan – “What Makes that Photo Work” PSA 2011 Best of the Best Color Projected Images.

Christine Wilkins reminded us of the upcoming Competitions, Jan  – “Nature” - Judge Winn Krafton  - Nature is defined as: Something that exists in nature: An insect, butterflies, leaves, etc and includes birds and fish.  Reality based and no man made objects allowed.  Mar  – “Portraits” – Judge Larry Cowles -  Portrait defined on the competition tab of the LPA website is: "Portrayal of a person or persons."  This competition will be prints only.  Competition Rules have been update and better clarified.

Check out LPA website.  Comp themes being planned and ready to present to board in January.  If you have suggestions… contact Chris or Wayne.

Douglas Wade announced upcoming field trips.  Dec 10 – Clark Court Holiday Lights & A Magical Christmas on Blvd.  Jan 18-19 - Elephant Seals & Morro Bay – led by David & Chris Wilkins.

Nan Carder announced that we’ll have an opportunity drawing for a free PSA Membership at out December Holiday Meeting.

Terri Garner the Friday Night moderator for the Discussion Group announced they will meet the 2nd and 4th Friday’s of month at Denny’s 20th West and Ave K. at 6:30pm. Bring your camera, manual, questions and ….

Dale Ware reminded everyone of the monthly breakfasts on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the AM Café on Sierra Hwy.

David Wilkins announced the Community Service Ride Along Photo Project is on hold until after the holidays.

Helen Henry announced the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is having a "Photographers Day" on March 25, 2012. If you are a member of "The Photographic Society of America" you will be admitted into the park for free. There will be an auction with fine art items and various other great items to help raise money for the Poppy Reserve and Saddleback Butte, both state parks. Donations graciously accepted.  A Photography competition is also in the process of being set up.

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