Field Trip: Holiday Lights - Dec 10, 2011

Field Trips

Clark Court : Holiday Lights and so much more.

December 10th, a group of nine made the trek to Clark Court in Lancaster to photograph the holiday lights. In attendance, from left to right, Jim Wise, Sue Craft, Doug Weber, Vickie Wise, Wayne Staley, Douglas Wade, Scott Shackelford, Carol Moss, and Paul Craft.

Paul Craft

More lights were up and ready on Clark Court this year than last year. Although two or three houses were still be decorated as we arrived. We arrived at 4:00pm to a clear night and discussed approaches to how we could maximize the evening. We talked about long exposures and shooting in Raw format. Shooting, for example, in aperture or manual mode and learning how to make the adjustments to our cameras. Shooting Christmas lights does require us to take the camera off auto; the camera sensor is confused with pen-size lights. Long exposures are required to add interest. Everyone had a tripod and was well equiped to shoot. We scoped out our houses;, we agreed the best side to start would be the west side to include the sunset glow. We talked about effects such as panning the zoom ring on the lens while the shutter is open.

Paul Craft

The street gets very busy with cars, especially when it got dark, so we had to either shoot around the cars or include the headlight and taillight streaks.

Douglas Wade

This was a great opportunity to make images for the December competition (a fun competition and does not count for the year). It is a fun time and I great way to be creative.


Sue Craft

There were many beautiful and colorful lights and animations on each of these houses. Every house had something to offer, it was fun, but we started to get cold and began to venture down to the Blvd. It was an adventure! So many people! The main street was closed (for train rides for the kids), forcing thousands to stay on the sidewalks. That made it so hard to walk around and get a perspective on the event. There were bell choirs, adult and youth vocal groups. There were also nutcrackers, reindeers, and plenty of Christmas spirit. Of course Santa was there.

Bill Liberto


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