Workshop: What Makes Photos Work - Jan. 24, 2012


Forty-two members signed in for a slide show of PSA’s Best of the Best images from the Color Projected Image Division’s interclub competition from last year.  Selected images were critiqued by LPA members Arliss Dawson, David Wilkins, Lyle Trusty, Pat Ware, Dale Ware and Tylene Trout.  Many of these images were truly stunning and showed what really works in an image. There were leading lines, symmetry and strong use of color in some images; landscapes exhibited the use of foreground, middle ground and background objects.  Other pictures showed the peak action attainable with burst mode photography.  There were many images that broke the so-called rules of photography and yet delivered a stunning image.

Many thanks to all the LPA members who gave critiques!

For those interested in what PSA has to offer photographers, contact Nan Carder, our PSA representative, email her at  The LPA competes in PSA interclub competitions and all members are encouraged to submit images.  Nan has all the details and will help you submit images.

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