LPA Members Volunteer for Valentine's Day Party

All groups that meet at the AV Senior Center are required to have a representative attend the monthly Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) meeting.  As President of LPA, I have been attending these monthly meetings.  It is inspiring to be around so many active/involved seniors volunteering their time to help so many.

At that meeting, I was asked by the Friends of the Center (FOTC), if the LPA could provide a photographer for their Valentine’s Day Party.  Sue Liberto and I volunteered and were then quickly asked to photograph a Black History celebration at the end of the month.  I’m hoping to find another couple of LPA volunteers to photograph this event.

On Valentine’s Day, the AV Senior Center was transformed!  It was a pink/red party scene, with balloons, cupcakes, punch, raffle prizes, a DJ and lots of dancing.

Photographing the event was pure fun!!!  It was a great place to practice portrait/event photography.  The center provided a heart, and we brought a pink tye-die backdrop and props such as a pink boa, white beaded necklaces, artificial roses, a heart shaped candy box.  The fun props seemed to put the seniors at ease and they had so much fun posing!  We even had one comical good spirited gentleman pose with a pink boa and that GQ look!  Photographing the happy 90 year old woman out on the dance floor put a big smile on my face.  They were so excited to have their photos taken and very thankful.

We only needed to provide the coordinator with digital images.  Easy!!!  If you are interested in photographing an event for them, let me know.  Teams of two work great!

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