Meeting and Portrait Competition, March 20 2012

The second competition of 2012 will be held on March 20, the third Tuesday of the month.   The theme is Portraits and all entries must be Print following the LPA print rules which follow.

  • Prints must have one dimension (length or width) of at least 9”.
  • Maximum mount board size in Novice, Amateur, and Advanced categories is 16” x 20” and 17” x 24” in the Master category. Panoramic prints may be up to 320 square inches in area in Novice, Amateur, and Advanced categories and up to 408 square inches in the Master category.
  • Prints must be mounted. Foam core is recommended, but mount board will be accepted. Borders on mount boards are acceptable.
  • Mats and frames are NOT accepted.
  • The back of each print will have the photographer's name and the title of the picture. Each slide will be identified by title and photographer's name on the mount, no stickers. Slides must have a dot on the lower left corner of the mount when viewed properly.

Larry Cowles is the judge for this competition.

Larry has been a member of PSA since 1984.  His interest in photography started when he was in high school but really started to develop while he was in the military, learning to process black & white images in the base darkroom.  Working in the film processing industry for ten years gave him the skills to teach photography and after winning a company photo contest, he was hooked on entering state fairs and local camera store contests and later exhibitions.

Being involved in a local camera club lead him to join PSA.  Over the years Larry has held many offices in camera clubs, local councils, and PSA.  Travel, teaching photography, judging, lecturing, presenting photography programs, and writing for the PSA Journal and other publications has helped Larry to develop his photographic skills and his ability to compete worldwide in photography exhibitions.  He has been the Chair of several exhibitions and actively involved in PSA as a member of several committees, Director of the Color Projected Image Division (CPID) Tops, Chair of CPID, and Editor of the CPID News for the PSA Journal.

Please try to submit a digital copy in addition so that the membership might more easily view your entry.  Print entries must be entered no later than 11:59pm on March 13, 2012.  On the night of the competition please bring your print entries before 5:45 so that the displays may be readied.  If you have any questions and/or comments please contact

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