Amgen Tour of California 2012 Edition

Christine Wilkins

What an opportunity- the 2012 edition of the Amgen Tour of California started the sixth stage here in the Antelope Valley in Palmdale.  No entrance fee, free parking and the chance to get up close and personal with the riders. One

Linda Ruiz

could stand outside the team RV and wait for the riders to exit for the sign in.  Team members would usually sign autographs and pose for pictures.  I watched NBC Sports commentator Bob Roll interview Tejay Van Garderen standing next to the team RV.  Several LPA members took advantage of the opportunity to catch the start of the race or catch the riders out on course or both.  Lots of color and lots of action for everyone.

Arliss Dawson

Chris and I went to the time trial stage the day before in Bakersfield.  We had 3 hours to practice panning and other techniques for getting the perfect shot. 

More images can be found in the gallery.

By David and Chris Wilkins

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