Photoshop and the Photographer Workshop – August 28, 2012


Over 37 people, including 3 visitors, attended an Introduction to Photoshop CS5 presented by Douglas Wade.  Photoshop is a powerful tool for the photographer and is used to edit images by beginners as well as professionals.  A less expensive, but still great option for editing photos is Photoshop Elements.  GIMP is a   “free” Photoshop equivalent and available on the web.

Free trial versions of Photoshop software are available for downloading at  Tutorial courses (for a fee) are available at and  YouTube is a great source for free tutorials.

Douglas presented his techniques on workflow, color calibration, working with images, retouching, plugins and filters to take your images from ordinary to spectacular.

Workflow – Be Organized!  Establish a procedure and do it consistently.  Always backup your work.  Local and offsite backup is needed.  Examples of offsite storage include Crashplan, Moxi, and Carbonite.

Color Calibration – Your monitor should be calibrated.  Contact LPA librarian Bonnie at to check out the LPA Spyder to calibrate your monitor.

Working with Images – Make non-destructive changes to your images by learning how to use layers.  Learn how to convert your images to smart objects and you can still make non destructible changes later when playing with filters.

Plug Ins – Allow you take advantage of software to speed up the creative process.  Two that are nice for portraiture are Imagenomic, and Portrait Professional.

This workshop was interactive. Members were encouraged to comment, ask questions, and share some of their own techniques.  David Wilkins shared another method to dodge and burn photos by use of layers.  The workshop was a great opportunity to ask questions and learn new techniques and share tips.

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