LPA Field Trip to LA Arboretum - October 20, 2012

Field Trips

Sue Craft

Our field trip chairman, Douglas Wade, arranged for another monthly photo opportunity with fellow photographers.  We met beforehand for breakfast at Roxy’s Café in Palmdale, and carpools were formed.  Eight of us ventured to the Los Angeles Arboretum, in Arcadia.  The Arboretum is a fantastic place to practice photographing flowers and birds.

The place was empty!  Maybe people don’t like to venture out on a cool damp morning filled with drizzle?  The lighting was very soft and no harsh shadows, which was nice for photographing.  Upon walking into the park we were all mesmerized by the flutter of the Hummingbirds feasting upon purple Salvia.

Peacocks were prevalent, and quite tame!  Hmmm… bird shot?  Abstract shot?  Human Interest shot?  The noisemaker was the Guineahen…  what a scary face!

Eugene Duley

The Orchid House was fully of exotic blooms.  Often the place is crowded and tripods a challenge, but we had the place to ourselves.

The grounds are beautifully maintained, and photographer friendly.  Photo opportunities are plentiful surrounding the Queen Anne Cottage, Coach Barn, Baldwin Lake, and Tule Lake.

Sue L, Ed D, and myself all saw the flutter and heard the call of a flock of unusual birds… ones with tall black crests, bright red face patches, and all singing a cheery songs.  Thanks to having the Audubon Bird App loaded on our I-Phones, we determined that it was the exotic Red- Whiskered Bulbul.  They are found in the tropics, and were introduced to North America as caged birds, and some escaped and have found their way to Florida, Hawaii and California.  Being bird watchers, we also spotted a large Blue Heron and Cormorant on Baldwin Lake.

There are exotic looking flowers there too… one just needs to slow down and be observant.  One such was a Chinese Lantern flower, which was the color of a fall pumpkin and silky soft.
The Arboretum is a place that could be enjoyed most any time of year, and full of photo opportunities.  Check out www.arboretum.org  Thank you Douglas for arranging another fun LPA field trip for us!

Check out the rest our members' images in the gallery.

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