Developing a Workflow with Brent Paull: Nov 27, 2012


Brent Paull returned to LPA with  an informative program on developing a Photoshop workflow. He showed us how he opens a Raw image in Camera Raw and does just a few adjustments before editing in Photoshop.  He creates his own actions and uses selections to adjust and sharpen the subject. Brent is a big believer in local corrections vs global corrections.
Brent calls himself a “Hardcore Wildlife Photographer”  He shoots 140,000 photos a year.He teaches 85 seminars and 25-30 Safaris a year.  He has 1000 publication credits including Audubon, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Field and Stream and Yosemite Visitor’s Guide to name a few.

Fourty two LPA members attended this seminar and I know we all learned something new.

Thank You , Brent!

Check out Brent’s website at

Pdf files can be purchased at

Notes from this evening’s seminar “Digital Image Processing” are available for $4.

Photo Safari information:

Brent’s choice of  Noiseware:


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