Revamping Photos at Saddleback Park


- WELCOME - to our project of “revamping” the photographs inside of the visitor center at Saddleback Butte State Park !!!

We’ve been given permission to do away with the old dingy photos, and bring in the new !!!

- PLEASE - help out by contributing your best photos that were taken in the park. Seasonal shots of the park will be great : winter with snow , spring with wildflowers, etc...Night shots, star trails , sun & moonrises as well. Since there’ll be an abundance of “scenic” shots to choose from, what is also very much needed are more wildlife, and native plant images. If you have any great shots of a rattlesnake, owl, scorpion, tarantula, rabbit, coyote, tortoise, or other desert critters that are great, but not taken at the park, please do send those too.

There may be an exception that not all images must be shot in the park. When all of the pictures have been submitted, the maker of the ones that were chosen will be notified. The plan is to do a collage of sorts, so no matting or framing will be required of you unless the design plan should change, in which case you may be asked to mount them on foamcore. I’ll then let you know what size you’ll need to print in gloss color, and at our March LPA General meeting, you can hand deliver them to me. Other arrangements can be made if you are unable to attend. Your print serves as a gracious donation toward the project, and will be seen and appreciated by the thousands that visit each year ! Costco makes fantastic glossy prints for very little money. No prints will exceed 12” x18”. I would estimate we’ll be using about 20 images in total. Can’t wait to see all of your images !!!

Many thanks, Holly Peskin
Please email images to: by March 1, 2013

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