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PSA Annual Conference, Portland, Maine: Get ready for the PSA Annual Conference which will be September 15th through September 21st 2013. There are many tours available from September 15th through September 17th. Classes and meetings begin on September 18th. There will be many winning prints displayed, and many PSA division digital images shown.  Please take a look at this website: for more information.

PSA Projected Image Open Interclub Competition (Last Round): The final round of the PSA PID Interclub Competition results has been released. : Pam Vick (Hall of Time) won an award, and Arliss Dawson (Juvenile Night Heron Pair), Don Bennett (Give Me That Fish), and Dale Ware (Containers) won honorable mentions. The Lancaster Photography association was fourth place in this round, and was fifth place in the year end standings: Member’s images that were submitted this year belong to the following: Don Bennett, Jodi Champagne, Sue Craft, Tina Crowe, Arliss Dawson, Dwight Franke, Lee Garner, Helen Henry, Anita Kratofil, Sue Liberto, Tom Van Langenhoven, Pam Vick, Doug Wade, Dale Ware, Chris Wilkins, David Wilkins, and Ron Yagi. Winning images may be seen at this link:

PSA Projected Image Division Creative Interclub Competition (Fourth Round): The images (with their maker) submitted for the fourth and final round are the following for the PSA Projected Image Division (Creative) are the following:  Bonnie Matthews (Ferris Wheel), Sue Liberto (Inyo Mine), Rock Myers (Jet Hawk Jet), Scott Shackelford (Pinwheel Parley), Dale Ware (Bubbles), and Pat Ware (Sycamore Leaf).

PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub Competition (Second Round): The results for the second round PSA Photojournalism Open have Christine Wilkins (Serghei Tvetcov) winning 1st Place. Tina Crowe (Falling Hard) received an Honorable Mention.

PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub Competition (Third Round): The third round results have not been released.

PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub Competition (Fourth Round): The fourth round entries for the Lancaster Photography Association are the following:

The Lancaster Photography Association was asked to judge the PSA Photojournalism Division Third Round Interclub Competition. Sue and Paul Craft graciously offered their home to have the judging on June 2nd. Tina Crowe was the coordinator. Judges were the following: Nan Carder, Sue Liberto, and Sue Craft. Also assisting was Paul Craft and Lance Crowe. Thank you all for contributing to this judging that was coordinated in a few days.

The PSA Youth Photography Showcase results have been released. This year’s winning entries from the Antelope Valley Union School District are the following:


2nd Place  - Elena Guillen for Two Faces – People/Animal digital    Palmdale HS      

3rd Place - Edgar Martinez for I am Made of Me - Choice digital        Virtual Academy

Print Acceptances- will be displayed at the PSA Annual Conference in Portland Maine

Brandon Kun for The Predator - People/Anima                 Highland HS

Tiffany De La Cruz for Project Impala '62 – Choice             Virtual Academy

Digital Acceptances- Will be shown at the PSA Annual Conference in Portland Maine

Theresa Avila for Paris – Architecture                    Highland HS

Keyera McMeans for Every Secret Holds a Memory - People/Animal    Knight HS

Koryn Rangel for Portrait - People/Animal                Virtual Academy

Taylor Esquer for Sunset Pier – Scapes                    Quartz Hill HS

Mariana Flores for Winter Wonderland – Scapes                Highland HS

John Vincent Saulan for LA Metropolis – Photo Journalism        Highland HS

Gabriela Lomeli for Death by Garden Hose – Choice            Virtual Academy

Dimari Aldridge for Atmospheric Thoughts – Choice            Knight HS

Alexandria Pedersen for Fiore Blu -  Choice                Quartz HS School

If anyone would like information about the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, PPSA at


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