Ice Cream Social and Photo Sharing, Aug. 27 2013


A fun time was had by all at the LPA’s Ice Cream Social and Photo Sharing night. Board members served up the ice cream and LPA members and their guests added the chocolate, whipping cream, nuts, bananas, sprinkles, etc. to create a great summer time treat. Over 40 members and their guests attended.

22 LPA members submitted images for all to view in a slide show. Over 200 of their favorite photos were shown. The makers of the images commented on their photos giving us the background, location and challenges of the shots. The theme of their personal slide shows varied from travel logs to specialized photography subjects.

It was great to see the beautiful images and hear the makers so passionately discuss their work. The skills and creativity of our members was remarkable.

From the positive comments we received from those attending, we will want to do this again. We’ll let you know when. Start collecting your “show and tell” photo file for your next showing.

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