January Workshop: Taming the Beast in Your Flash


Flash Photography Basics, presented by Julie Sutton
January 28th, 2014

Julie Sutton, a long time portrait and wedding photographer in the Antelope Valley, taught 35+ members of the LPA how to “tame the beast in your flash”. Julie’s studio is located in the downtown boulevard area of Lancaster. Named AV’s Best Photographer by the residents of the Antelope Valley for 10 years demonstrates the quality of her work.
Julie and her assistant Tanya covered the basics of on camera flash. For many of our members, the specific issues covered will open up new opportunities in their photography. Here’s a brief listing of the topics covered:

  • Flash photography using TTL
  • Methods of using directional flash
  • Direct flash
  • Bounce flash off ceiling, wall
  • Bounce flash off reflector
  • Flash reflecting attachments
  • Flash bender
  • Gary Fong
  • Flash Exposure Compensation
  • Zoom function on the flash
  • Wide angle
  • Narrow or snoot effects
  • Histograms as they relate to flash

Thanks to Julie for helping us expand our photography skills.

Julie Sutton can be reached at www.suttonphotography.com or email at Julie@suttonphotography.com

Slides presented by Julie can be downloaded here.

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