Down and Dirty Close-Up and Macro Photography, Apr 15 2014


Presented by Rob Sheppard
April 15th, 2014, 6:00pm - 8:00pm at the AV Senior Center
777 Jackman St., Lancaster

Close-up and macro photography take you into a whole new world of imagery that will surprise and delight you and viewers of your photos. In this session, Rob Sheppard will share the techniques needed to get the most from your close-up and macro work.

Do you need a macro lens to do close up work? The answer is no. Great close-up and macro work can be done without ever owning a macro. You will learn how that is possible in this program. You will also learn how macro lenses can help certain types of photography and when macro lenses can limit your photography if they are the only way you do close-up work.

Discover the possibilities of shooting with different focal lengths up close. All focal lengths are not the same when it comes to close-up work. There are good reasons to use ALL focal lengths from super-wide to super-telephoto to get outstanding close-ups.

Rob will also help you deal with sharpness challenges so you can get sharper photos up close. And you will discover some quick and easy ideas on how to see and use the light on a close subject and to compose better, too.

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